The Media's Excuse for Ignoring the Tony Bobulinksi Bombshell Is Nonsensical Garbage

Fox News

If we’ve learned one thing over the Trump era, it’s that the standards the mainstream media purport to live by are completely malleable based on who the perceived target is. That’s never been made more clear than the last several weeks since the Hunter Biden email scandal erupted. Outlets that formerly reported on every anonymously sourced, uncorroborated leak about Donald Trump suddenly decided that reams of documentary evidence are still not enough to report something negative about Joe Biden and his family.

With Tony Bobulinski throwing more fuel on the fire, providing more texts and documents, the media have upped the standard again. Here’s an NBC reporter making my point for me.

I can’t imagine why Bobulinski would be skeptical of taking his story to NBC News, can you?

Of course, the idea that NBC would need to speak directly to Bobulinski and have the emails given to them to report on this follows no former standard they’ve held. One, they have the emails via the Post’s reporting and Fox News’ more recent reporting via Tucker Carlson. Did Christopher Steele sit down for an interview with Tom Winter’s that I’m unaware of? Because his network had no issue spending three years regurgitating trash from the Steele Dossier despite it being completely unverified. NBC also does not have Trump’s tax returns, yet they reported on them based on what the Times was saying despite the original story providing no actual documentary evidence for its claims.

See how this works? If a story is anti-Trump, then you need no on the record sources, no comment, and you certainly don’t need to have the actual evidence in your hands. But if the story is harmful to Joe Biden, then NBC (and every other liberal outlet) needs the documents in their hands and has to have Bobulinski speak directly to them for it to even be reported despite the overwhelming proof at this point that this stuff is real and authentic.

When Alexander Vindman sat down with CNN, NBC reported on the interview and took everything that was said as newsworthy. They also took his word instead of demanding he provide documented proof of what he was saying. If there was any consistency in their standards, they’d take the Bobulinski interview from Fox News and treat it as the news that it is. Outlets routinely cross traffic in scoops and exclusives. To stop now is simply a ploy to protect Joe Biden, nothing more.

I suppose that’s better than this though.

Here’s a shot and chaser for you.

Russian disinformation was good when it was actually Russian disinformation and targeted Trump. The Hunter Biden laptop story is not Russian disinformation, but it will be called such and won’t be reported on because it shields his father. How very convenient.

The media should get used to being marginalized because there’s no coming back from the destruction of their credibility.

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