'Hold the Line': Cocaine Mitch Expertly Lays out Why the Stakes 'Couldn't Be Higher' in This Election (Watch)

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I don’t often write about political ads, but the “Hold the Line” video recently put out by Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and the NRSC is worth amplifying because it’s critically important to reaffirm what’s at stake in this election, especially as it relates to the United States Senate with the Republican majority being on the line.


Fresh off of confirming a third Trump-nominated Justice to the Supreme Court, “Cocaine Mitch” McConnell lays out the accomplishments of the Republican Senate as a highlight reel flashes onscreen showing the Supreme Court confirmations and some of the more notable legislation signed into law like the tax overhaul and criminal justice reform bills.

McConnell makes a strong case in the video for the election or reelection of what he calls “the team” – all the Republican Senators and Senate nominees who are on the ballot next Tuesday. Some of those shown include Sen. Thom Tillis (NC), Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham (SC), Sen. Martha McSally (AZ), and Michigan Republican Senate nominee John James, among others.

Advising that “the stakes couldn’t be higher”, the video shows a clip from vice presidential nominee Sen. Kamala Harris’ recent interview with CBS News’ Norah O’Donnell in which O’Donnell threw Harris visibly off guard by pointing out to her that she’s “considered the most liberal United States Senator.”

The insinuation is clear: If the Biden-Harris team wins next week, who will stand between them and the radical left-wing agenda they and House Democrats (who most likely will retain their majority) plan on unleashing on the American people?


Senate Republicans, that’s who.

“Everything is on the line,” McConnell says in the background, while a quaint, small-town with an American flag proudly billowing in the breeze can be seen in the distance.

“Now there’s only one thing left to do,” he stresses, as you see a voter sitting at a kitchen table with an absentee ballot in front of them. “HOLD the line. Go vote.”


As usual, McConnell is right on the money here. This country simply cannot afford to be run by Democrats who control the House, the ones who could control Senate, and the ones who could win the White House – and I’m not just talking about from a tax dollars standpoint, either.

If anything, the “law and order” factor supersedes all others this year as the primary reason to keep the Senate in Republican control. While it’s true that the violent Antifa/BLM-led protests, riots, and looting will continue no matter who wins the White House and the Senate, if Biden-Harris win and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) sees his political dreams come true, rioters will become even more emboldened.


Democrats will spend their time playing revenge games with Republicans on issues like police reform and border control, and it’s the American people who will pay the price.

I’m not here to tell anyone who to vote for, but it’s important to emphasize what can happen if Democrats win big next week. Hopefully, that won’t happen, but in the end, it is, of course, up to voters to decide.

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