Joe Biden Says the One Thing That Should Disqualify Him From the Presidency More Than Anything Else

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

One thing I’ve always said about politicians and candidates for public office is that there should be a line in the sand voters should draw when ultimately deciding whether or not to support them.

Does that candidate genuinely believe America is the greatest country in the world, accomplishing a lot in her young history while possessing great potential to be even better? Does that candidate believe in American exceptionalism?

In my view, if the answer is no to those questions then the candidate does not deserve to represent the American people at any level of government, whether local, state, or national.

Not believing in American exceptionalism was one of the main things that turned me off about President Obama. That and the fact that he was a radical leftist (yes, I know the two go hand in hand).

More often than not, moral relativism was the rule of thumb during the Obama presidency, and unfortunately, his administration operating from the mindset that America was not distinctively unique nor special from any other country paved the way for the outright anti-Americanism that we’ve seen flourish in higher ed institutions and newsrooms across the country to a staggering degree over just the last decade or so alone.

Anyone who thought that in spite of his many faults Joe Biden did not share Obama’s view of America got quite the rude awakening on Wednesday when the Democratic presidential nominee posted this message to his Twitter account along with the corresponding podcast interview clip:

“America was an idea. We’ve never lived up to it …” Never lived up to it? Seriously?

Biden’s declaration understandably rubbed a lot of people the wrong way, and they let him know it:

We are not a perfect nation nor do we have a spotless history. But one of the things that make this country so great is that – provided we have the right representation and leadership at all levels – we build on our successes and learn from any mistakes, righting wrongs so we don’t repeat them, in order to “form a more perfect Union” as outlined in the greatest singular document on earth.

The “idea” that America has “never lived up” to her ideals is – to put it bluntly – bull sh**. To reiterate the point I made earlier, not a single person who agrees with the Obama-Biden/radical leftist/Occupy Wall Street/BLM view that America is not the greatest country on earth and needs to be “fundamentally changed” should be considered a worthy candidate for public office, much less be given a chance to “prove” the point.

This warped mindset is the basis for the ideological corrosion and absolute moral rot we’ve seen take root in colleges and newsrooms, and from there it has manifested itself in many ways – on editorial pages, in so-called “safe spaces” designated on university campuses, on social media feeds, among extreme leftist members of Congress like “The Squad”, and beyond.

Any independent or otherwise undecided voter who was on the fence about Joe Biden before yesterday shouldn’t be anymore. His repugnant, offensive comments about America allegedly “never” living up to her ideals should disqualify him from holding the post of dog catcher, much less the leader of the free world. He simply should not be rewarded with the high honor of presiding over this country if he does not unequivocally see her as the shining city on the hill that she is.