Man Tries Intimidating Trump Supporters With Car Smoke, Suffers Ultimate Humiliation Moments Later (Watch)

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

It never ceases to amaze me that when people are out peacefully expressing their First Amendment rights, some moron who disagrees with them has to make an a** out of him- or herself by trying to disrupt things in an intimidating and threatening manner.

In some instances, the jerk or jerks get away scot-free, never to be seen again, with the people they tried to intimidate frustrated and irritated that nothing could be done. We all know the feeling, being in similar situations where we’re driving down the road minding our own business, when some jerk flies by and almost runs you off the road.

But in the more rewarding instances, the people trying to cause problems at otherwise peaceful rallies end up getting their just desserts – and then some.

Such was the case in the below video. I don’t have a time, date, or place for the clip, but it shows what looks like a street demonstration where Trump supporters are flying Trump flags and Thin Blue Line flags.

The video starts with a view of a white car with tinted windows stopped at an intersection.

You can hear the driver blow the horn and rev the engine loudly, like he’s getting ready to race. Except there’s no car next to him to race. Smoke can be seen billowing out of the back of the vehicle, so thick that it obscures the back tires from view. Presumably, the light turns green, because in the next instant, the person in the car floors it and attempts to burn out the tires and stir up more smoke to make breathing more difficult for the people standing on the sidewalk.

But it only takes a couple of seconds for the driver to get going before you see the familiar sight of flashing red and blue lights and hear the familiar sound of a police siren. It appears coincidental, and that the police cruiser was randomly driving up the other side of the intersection and just happened to see the idiot take off at the light at a rather high rate of speed, for no reason other than because he wanted to show the sidewalk demonstrators who the real boss was.

He’s pulled over immediately. Later in the clip, at about the :25 mark, you see the man from the vehicle being handcuffed by police officers in what would prove to be the ultimate humiliation.


While it was good to see this clown get pulled over for his actions, this was actually also a dangerous situation. Any number of things could have gone wrong with what he did at the intersection, things that could have seriously hurt or killed someone. Hopefully, in addition to (likely) getting pulled over for speeding, he also got ticketed and hauled in for endangering pedestrians. There’s just no call for this kind of behavior whatsoever, and hopefully he got the book thrown at him when he appeared before a judge.

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