'Peaceful' DC Protester Claims Woman Tried to Run People Over, Gets Debunked by Her Own Video (Watch)

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Demonstrators paint the words ‘defund the police’ as they protest Saturday, June 6, 2020, near the White House in Washington, over the death of George Floyd, a black man who was in police custody in Minneapolis. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)


Late Saturday night, Twitter user Julia Clark took to the Twitter machine to “speak on what happened in Georgetown tonight.” Clearly she had some things to say about events that took place during the evening’s protest.

She began her story by stating that a “siren/noise pollution protest” was held in Georgetown, where she and other protesters “blocked off streets” and “demanded that people turn around.” Apparently Julia thought they had a right to do this because, in her words, it “was a minor inconvenience for this affluent white neighborhood”:

Next, Julia shared a video that showed a woman in a vehicle being ambushed by protesters. Julia noted that “certain drivers” like this “white woman .. got annoyed and attempted to maneuver their way around us.” She noted the woman tried to get around the protest by driving through the gas station (and presumably to avoid interacting with protesters like Julia). Because of this, Julia and other supposedly peaceful protesters “stood in front of her car and demanded she turn around.” The woman didn’t. Julia described the woman’s next move was to “step on the gas”, insinuating her goal was to mow over as many protesters as possible.


But if you watch the video, that’s not what the woman did at all. In fact, she maneuvered her car as gently as possible, presumably in an effort to get the person(s?) on the hood of her car to jump off so she could drive away without further incident:

Seeming to know that she had just debunked her own claim that the woman was trying to run over protesters, Julia then changed her story, claiming “she had already attempted to run us over multiple times and I had moved from the front of the car to the side and was banging on her window screaming at her to stop.” Julia was astounded that the police stood by and did nothing as the woman in the vehicle calmly tried to take control of the situation in a way that wouldn’t injure protesters and that would also allow her to drive away unharmed:


Julia was further agitated when police approached the protesters and told them to back off instead of approaching the innocent woman in the car who was just trying to get to her destination:

After a couple more tweets b*tching about how officers responded to the situation, Julia described herself as shook by the whole experience, which she described as a “hate crime.” She then urged her followers to “find” (dox) “this woman” who did what most anyone else in a similar situation would do when confronted with agitators trying to stage accidents involving protesters and vehicles for sympathy:

She concluded her rant by alerting followers she was logging off in order to “self care.”

Needless to say, Julia’s Twitter thread was ratioed big time once people figure out she lied about what happened. The responses were brutal:


Yours truly had a few things to say to Julia, too:


Sadly, Julia isn’t the first “BLM” protester to try and pull a phony “they tried to run us over!” stunt, and she won’t be the last. But fortunately, the sheer amount of videos taken by protesters and street cameras alike when they happen is helping clear innocent drivers of charges of wrongdoing, while at the same time further exposing these militant agitators for the manipulative frauds they are.


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