NC Podcaster Pete Kaliner Interviews Sister Toldjah on Her Coronavirus Diagnosis and Recovery

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I sat down last week for an interview with North Carolina podcaster Pete Kaliner to talk about my experience battling the coronavirus and how the recovery part is something the media should talk more about because it’s so unpredictable.

One big thing I learned throughout all this was that the recovery time for the Wuhan virus can go on for far longer than the typical (shorter) timeframes it takes to recover from some other viruses like the swine flu (which I also battled – in 2009!).

Unfortunately, I wasn’t the only person in my family who caught the virus. My mom and dad also caught it at roughly the same time – in mid-August, which was like a nightmare come true for me, considering their ages and my dad’s multiple underlying conditions which made him especially high risk.

Contact tracing has been started but at this point, we still don’t know who got it first and where but we have our suspicions.

Because mom and I are both caregivers to my dad, we were one of those families that played it extra safe from the start – we wore masks and severely limited interactions. Mom’s and dad’s trips consisted of taking my dad to his dialysis treatments three times a week, and the occasional visit to the drive-thru pharmacy or a drive-thru fast-food restaurant.


My trips were to grocery stores, the gas station, and to drop off essentials on mom’s front porch. Before the pandemic, we got together every other week. After it started, we didn’t get together at all until mid-July for a few days and then again in August, which is when the three of us caught the virus.

In any event, you can learn more about what mom, dad, and I went through – the symptoms we had, what we learned, and how we’ve gradually progressed (thank God!) to feeling better and slowly but surely getting back to normal by checking out the podcast. Click “play” below to listen – starts at around the 12:15 mark:

Thanks for listening!


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