You Okay, Jim? CNN's Acosta Frets About a President Trump Hot Mic Moment, Ends up Proving Trump's Point

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As my colleague Bonchie wrote last night, President Trump executed what may be the best media trolling of his tenure during a press conference he held Friday at his Bedminster, NJ golf club. Trump called the gathering a “peaceful protest” when asked by journalists about some supporters in the crowd who reportedly were not adhering to CDC guidelines on social distancing and wearing masks.

Another Trump quote from the presser getting a lot of attention in the usual left-wing media circles this weekend is a moment where he was caught on a hot mic talking to some club members in attendance about how they were getting a close-up look at the journalists the White House has to “deal with every day.”

CNN’s Jim Acosta, whose highly adversarial relationship with Trump has been well-documented since the 2016 election, rushed to social media to “report” on the remarks:


I could feel the fretting all the way through my computer screen.

His CNN colleague Josh Campell was also triggered:

I guess Mr. Campbell appears to forgotten have about the many times reporters have accused Trump of killing people thanks to his allegedly poor pandemic leadership and his touting of various possible treatments for the Wuhan virus. Remember the media hyperventilating over the story of the couple that ingested fish tank cleaner, which led to a man’s death? And how Acosta himself falsely accused him of encouraging people to ingest household disinfectants as a cure for the coronavirus?

In any event, it’s not really a revealing hot mic moment when it’s something Trump’s actually said to the faces of some of these same reporters during previous interactions, right?


LOL. Trump tosses out the bait and the media falls for it hook, line, and sinker. Every single time. It never gets old.

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