CNN's Jake Tapper Tries to White Knight for AOC After Ted Yoho Incident, It Does Not Go Well at All

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As I wrote Thursday, there has been much gnashing of teeth from The Usual Suspects™ over the Monday incident involving a brief but heated exchange of words between Rep. Alexandia Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Rep. Ted Yoho (R-FL) on the Capitol steps, initiated by Yoho.

In addition to the confrontation, he allegedly called her the “b” word moments later out of her earshot. The freshman Congresswoman feigned victimhood when asked about their exchange. Yoho denied calling her the “b” word, but gave a speech Wednesday apologizing for the confrontation.

But as my RedState colleague Bonchie reported in a follow-up post, AOC refused to accept his apology because of course she did. And now she has provided dramatic “new details” to the media about what allegedly was said, which liberal news networks like CNN accepted without question (the word “allegedly” does not appear once in this piece).

After AOC’s yada yadaing on the House floor Thursday about how this supposedly boiled down to sexism, CNN’s Jake Tapper took to the Twitter machine to virtue signal provide his conveniently timed .02 on the matter, declaring that not only did he believe the unconfirmed “reports” about what Yoho allegedly said out of AOC’s earshot but that there was zero question that a man (allegedly) calling a woman the “b” word should be construed as anything other than “misogyny” and “bigotry”:


Twitter users were quick to point out to Tapper that AOC and her colleagues were no saints themselves, and wondered where his verdicts were for their frequent displays of hostility and aggression (as you’ll note with Democratic women, it’s oftentimes directed towards Republican men for some reason):


(Claims that were largely ignored by CNN, I should point out)

We’re still waiting on Tapper’s verdicts on the Lincoln Project’s outright sexism (is it “misogyny”?), Waters’ vow of HUD Secretary Ben Carson to “take his a** apart” (would he consider that “misandry”?), and on CNN’s bare minimum obligatory reporting on Tara Reade’s rape claims against Joe Biden (would he consider CNN’s actions “truly disgusting”?).

We’re waiting — but not holding our breath.


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