Brian Stelter Throws Temper Tantrum After Receipts Are Flashed During Argument on CNN Picking Political Sides

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Brian Stelter attends the 11th annual CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute at the American Museum of Natural History on Sunday, Dec. 17, 2017, in New York. (Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)


As it turns out, Chris Cuomo isn’t the only arrogant CNN anchor who got his feathers ruffled enough to throw a temper tantrum this week.

CNN’s chief media correspondent Brian Stelter erupted in one late last night in response to an accusation from a Twitter user that he and CNN have picked sides in the debate over whether or not it’s ok to rip down statues of historical American figures.

It all started with a tweet from Stelter himself about Fox News (because of course). Stelter appeared to take issue with the chyron displaying the message “Left’s War on America” during a Lou Dobbs segment on Fox Business:

Putting aside for a moment on how one would expect a chyron like that on an opinion program where the host is, you know, supposed to give you his or her opinionated take on the events of the day, it was a rather odd objection for a seemingly “objective” journalist to have.

But most everyone reading this knows Stelter is in fact not an “objective” journalist nor is CNN an unbiased network, which has been documented thoroughly by this website and many others.


Logan Hall, who is the social media manager for the Daily Caller, reminded Stelter of this in a response to his remarks about Fox News:

It was then the eruption began, with Stelter taking particular issue with term “your side” as well as the dig about CNN’s low ratings:

Greg Price, a DC colleague of Hall’s, swooped in for the assist with a recent receipt to flash to Stelter:

It was then that Stelter got really huffy, unwittingly confirming both Price’s and Hall’s points by yelling about how the anchor was “accurate” and then yada yadaing about how digging up such clips that proved their point about Stelter and CNN was not the “best use of time” (as though him stomping his feet and making a fool of himself was or something):


LOL, oh but it is well worth the time, sir. Well worth it:

Here are some other examples of CNN picking sides:

— Chris Cuomo encouraged “protesters” to continue lighting up New York City in one recent segment:

“And please, show me where it says that protesters are supposed to be polite and peaceful. […] Citizens have no duty to check their outrage or ignore a curfew to keep doing that. They may get arrested because it’s illegal. That’s their right as well.”

— Cuomo also picked the side of the agitators trespassing on private property during in an interview he did with St. Louis, Missouri homeowner Mark McCloskey.


— CNN correspondent Sara Sidner morphed into a riot apologist on live TV during an exchange with Cuomo:

“Pain is everything. Pain is everything. It has informed everything that you have seen. I know people see violence and think that people are just taking advantage of the situation and there may be some people who are. I don’t know that every single person is doing this borne out of pain, but I can tell you many people are. We’ve seen it. They don’t know what to do with that emotion so their response, especially young folks, is to lash out…”

I could go on, but I think the point has been made.

Brian Stelter can gaslight all day long on whether or not CNN picks a side, but the evidence is not in his favor. #FactsFirst and all.


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