Watch the Look on Chuck Todd's Face as MSNBC's Katy Tur Morphs Into a Democratic Spokesperson on Live TV

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Chuck Todd, NBC News Political Director, and Rachel Maddow, MSNBC host, call for a pause during a Democratic primary debate hosted by NBC News at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Art, Wednesday, June 26, 2019, in Miami. (AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)


“Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd is one of those national media reporters who likes to pretend he and his “objective” colleagues are above the partisan antics of his co-workers on the opinion side at NBC News HQ.

Unfortunately for Todd, his interviews with and reports on Republicans tell the true story of his Democratic partisanship, as do those of the other supposedly “politically neutral” anchors at the network.

Such was the case earlier today on MSNBC when Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh appeared on “MSNBC Live” for a segment with anchor Katy Tur in which Tur let her true left-wing colors slip in a one-sided closing argument about holding political rallies and protests in the age of coronavirus.

Instead of attempting to see both sides of the argument and acknowledging the hypocrisy of Democrats and the media going from applauding crowded George Floyd protests just a few weeks ago to condemning Trump campaign rallies, Tur morphed into a spokesperson for the Democratic party, cutting Murtaugh off from being able to get a word in while she went on and on about the supposed differences in the rallies and how the Floyd protests were conducted in a safer manner than the Trump rallies or something:


“We’ll note the president is the only having indoor rallies or events of that scale in the entire country. Again, the protests were outdoors. All the doctors and health experts say that’s a safer place to hold them. I attended a number of those rallies. Everybody was wearing a mask, hand sanitizer.

We just saw the images of those rallies, people were not wearing masks inside the president’s rally, there was not social distancing being practiced. We saw the signs being removed from seats. Handed out hand sanitizer and gave out masks. They weren’t wearing them. And also Dr. Fauci today has said that the incubation period for this disease can be longer than just two weeks.”

As Tur was editorializing, Murtaugh tried to interject but it was almost as though his mic had either been cut off of turned down because you could barely hear him. At the end of her rant, he simply said “I appreciate that speech, Katy, thank you” and she smiled smugly as though pleased she’d gotten the final word.

Except she didn’t get the last word. As you’ll note from the video below, Todd was shown on a split-screen as Tur was speaking. Midway through you can see his facial expressions tense up and he even put his hand on his face at one point as though embarrassed by how she sounded.


Once she finished, and once Murtaugh rhetorically said “thank you,” a few seconds of silence passed. Then Todd, who looked relieved that it was finally over, briefly went into promo mode before announcing to those watching at home: “And just a reminder, for what it’s worth, there is no editorial view here on any of these newscasts on MSNBC in the daytime.”

LOL! Watch how it all went down below:

That Todd thinks he’s fooling anyone with that garbage is hilarious, because the obvious point here is that if MSNBC’s daytime programming really was a neutral zone for anchors in the daytime, Todd wouldn’t have had to issue that clarification.

There is not a single daytime anchor at MSNBC including both Tur and Todd who has not displayed their liberal bias at one point or another during their broadcasts. In fact, I think it’s safe to say that it’s a requirement for everyone who works at NBC News and MSNBC to be a raging leftist with a political ax to grind.


To prove the point, check the comments to Tom Elliott’s tweet of the video above. There is a mixture of opinions there, but the leftists are upset with Todd for what they feel were his veiled attempts at scolding her – because it’s what they’ve come to expect of her. In reality, the only thing Todd was upset about was the fact that Tur was so open with her display of bias and made no attempt to hide it, as Todd often tries and fails to do himself.

Total clown show, but the network has long been called “MSDNC” for a reason, folks.

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