Hold the Applause: CNN's Jake Tapper Conveniently Leaves One Critical Point Out of Rant Criticizing Gov. Cuomo

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Anchor Chris Cuomo interviews brother and Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY), May 20, 2020. Screengrab via CNN.


It’s finally happened.

Four months after New York state became the epicenter of the coronavirus in the United States, someone at CNN has finally gotten around to criticizing Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) for his appalling mismanagement of the outbreak in his state.


Jake Tapper, who anchors the network’s “The Lead” program, took to the Twitter machine this morning to unload a heap of criticism on Cuomo after reading about his late night “interview” with Jimmy Fallon on Monday in which the governor, in Tapper’s words, was “crowing” about how New York was a success story when it came to overcoming the virus:

Tapper then posted a few more tweets with links to stories that documented Cuomo’s disastrous leadership failures in the early days of the outbreak, which led to the virus’s spread not just in his state but all over the country:


He went on in a few more tweets and cited a few more examples. Read the full thread here.

I noticed some conservatives were praising Tapper at the conclusion of his thread for recapping Cuomo’s failures, but considering how long it’s taken even one person on CNN to get the point where they are finally going on record with more than a passing reference to these criticisms, I wasn’t impressed.

What I found especially unimpressive and off-putting were two things:

1) If you go through his thread, there are a lot of links to news sites other than CNN. The only CNN link Tapper included in his thread was the one about the nursing home scandal, which they finally gave obligatory coverage to over a month after the scandal erupted. Had CNN’s coverage of what happened in New York actually been thorough and comprehensive from day one, Tapper would have had more stories to share from his own network. That he didn’t was rather revealing.

2) There was no mention anywhere in the thread of why Gov. Cuomo feels like he can continue get away with the “crowing” and bragging about his allegedly magnificent leadership during the crisis. Pro tip: He does it because national news networks like CNN, MSNBC, CBS News, and the entertainment talk shows he’s appeared on fawn and gush over him every chance they get, treating him more like a rock star than an elected official who should face more than just questions about his dating life and the size of his nose.


And speaking of that, there was no addressing the disaster that has been Chris Cuomo’s pathetically one-sided “coverage” of his brother’s handling of the crisis, including this “interview” that came off as more of a “Keeping up with the Cuomos” episode than a serious interview:

I should note that to date, Chris Cuomo has not asked his brother one tough question about the nursing home scandal. Not one. Instead, we get this garbage from the “Prime Time” anchor about how his “Luv Guv” brother was “dishing the real 24/7” how the state was “better for it.”

I also watched the segment Tapper did later in the day on his program with CNN medical expert Dr. Sanjay Gupta. While they started out at first criticizing Cuomo’s bragging about how he had allegedly successfully steered his ship through the storm, it only took a couple of minutes before they launched into attacks on Trump administration officials, because CNN just simply can’t have not even one segment fully devoted to analyzing Cuomo’s failures in-depth. They’ve gotta get some “Orange Man Bad” stuff in there because narratives and all that:


Maybe if I hadn’t paid attention for the last few months at how CNN failed to hold Gov. Cuomo accountable time and time again for his failures, I’d applaud Tapper, too. But I did pay attention to their coverage and how they tried to pin Cuomo’s failures on everyone but him. So, no, I’m not impressed. And no one else should be, either.

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