Videos Show Just How Right Ted Cruz Was About 'Morning Joe' and Mika's 2016 Fangirling Over Donald Trump

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Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough from “Morning Joe” – screengrab via MSNBC.


If I could favorite Sen. Ted Cruz’s tweet from last night where he dropped a MOAB on Joe Scarborough over how he and Mika Brzezinski covered Trump’s presidential election campaign in 2015 and 2016, I would.


Scarborough, along with wife Brzezinski, are inarguably among the most smug and sanctimonious hypocrites in elite DC/NYC/Beltway media circles, and anytime they get called out for their duplicity and hypocrisy is a time to pop open the champagne bottles and clink glasses.

Here’s Cruz’s tweet again, for those who missed it.

After I read it, I took a trip down memory lane to refresh my memory on some of the more unseemly details of Joe and Mika’s cushy relationship with Trump during his 2016 presidential campaign. And “cushy”, quite frankly, is an understatement.

This embarrassing video (h/t Joe Concha), I think, is especially noteworthy to share. Mika in particular gushed over Trump every chance she got, fluffing his hair during his appearances on “Morning Joe”, giving him lingering hugs, openly flirting with a married man running for president while she herself was married (not to Joe at the time) but in the middle of a divorce:


Here’s another, where they were all talking about golf and Trump mentioned Mika’s golf swing and how bad it was during a warm and fuzzy segment featuring Trump’s older sons:

Here’s another one, where Mika and Joe were caught in a hot mic moment yucking it up with Trump and clearing with him what could and could not be asked when they got back from a commercial break:

There’s so very much more where that came from, including a CNN write-up in February 2016 about how Trump’s and Scarborough’s friendship was an “increasing source of discomfort at NBC”, and a Rolling Stone article from around the same time that characterized Joe and Mika as “lapdogs” for Trump.


The three of them had highly-publicized fallings out later that year, and Mika and Joe tried and failed to patch things up with him a time or two, but no one should ever forget that the same two prominent media figures who make it a point each day to talk about how Trump is so “dangerous’ for the country were two people who even some Democrats credited with getting Trump elected in the first place.

Bonus pics:

Cruz was right. Own it, Joe and Mika. Own it.

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