Jim Acosta Receives Unwelcome Suggestions After Tweet on WH Discussing 'Making Better Use of Press Briefings'

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CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta – screengrab via CNN.

President Trump caused White House press corps journalists to clutch pearls more so than normal on Friday after deciding to leave the daily Wuhan coronavirus task force press briefing without taking any questions.


There was much media speculation as to why he made the decision to do so, with the consensus seeming to be that he was trying to avoid questions about the whole “ingesting disinfectant cleaner” story nonsense that the press obsessed over yesterday.

Along with the fretting over Trump opting out of the usual contentious back and forth Q and A sessions we’ve come to expect out of these briefings was much hand-wringing from reporters over the White House attempting to change the seating arrangements for that briefing as well as future ones, reportedly in order for print media to get a better view.

CNN’s chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta filed this Twitter report noting that in addition to possible seating arrangement changes coming, the White House was discussing “making better use of the briefings” going foward:

The responses to Acosta’s tweet were mostly complaints from his devoted liberal followers expressing outrage over the possible changes to where journalists sit, along with suggestions about how Trump should stop attending the briefings altogether (which may actually be what ends up happening).


But a few Twitter users, including yours truly, had some better suggestions for improving White House Coronavirus Task Force press briefings, and they revolved around Jim Acosta either sitting them out, having to stand throughout the briefing, or just ignoring him:

I mean, think about it. He’s been criticized for his partisan showmanship by the head of the White House Correspondents’ Association, and a former CNN producer bluntly called out Acosta’s “all about me” behavior recently. And rumor has it that he’s lost the respect of a lot of his fellow reporters in the briefing room, some because they genuinely don’t like him but also because his over-the-top antics remind people of the liberal biases of most everyone else in the White House press corps.


He should listen to his colleagues, and either shape up or ship out of the press room.

By the way, is this not a spot-on description of Acosta?


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