New York Times Can't Handle Trump's Rising Approval Numbers, so Here's How They're Spinning Them

AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews, File

FILE- This May 2, 2017, file photo, shows the corporate signage on the headquarters building of The New York Times in New York. (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews, File)


An overwhelming number of polls released over the last week show a majority of the American people approve of President Trump’s handling of the Wuhan coronavirus crisis, with his overall approval ratings at record highs.

Naturally this is a source of great frustration for the mainstream media, who are on the opposite end of the spectrum when it comes to the marks the American people are giving them.

With the national media taking a beating in the polls over their slanted coverage of the Trump administration’s response to the crisis, you’d think they’d do something to change the widespread perception that they’re liberally biased, right?


Case in point, this tweet from the New York Times from earlier today, in which they noted Trump’s approval ratings were at “record highs”, “but” also made sure to note he “remains polarizing”:


They just cannot take a break from the Orange Man Bad stuff, not even for five minutes, and not even during a pandemic.

What it also shows is exactly why a growing number of news outlets have either stopped or want to stop airing the White House Coronavirus Task Force daily press briefings. Instead of having to rely on the media spin, the American people can hear straight from the source what’s going on, and form their own opinions accordingly:

The national press sure don’t like it when they can’t set the narratives, do they?


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