Watch: CNN Panelist Accidentally Says the Quiet Part out Loud About the Network's Leftist Political Leanings

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FILE – This Jan. 17, 2001 file photo shows pedestrians entering CNN Center, the headquarters for CNN, in downtown Atlanta. (AP Photo/Ric Feld, File)

You know how they say that if you let a person talk long enough eventually the truth comes out?


That’s exactly what happened during a live CNN segment earlier this week that was anchored by anchor Anderson Cooper.

On the panel was Cooper, senior political commentator and former Obama adviser David Axelrod, Clintonista Terry McAuliffe, chief political analyst Gloria Borger, and Justice Democrats executive director Alexandra Rojas.

The discussion was about whether or not Sen. Bernie Sanders should stay in the presidential race, considering the overwhelming odds against him. Rojas spoke to the panel about what Sanders brought to the race, how he inspired millennials like her, and how his campaign was “more than just a presidential campaign.”

Midway through the segment, however, Rojas let something slip about CNN’s leftist political leanings (bolded emphasis added):

“What I think that means right now is that millennials, we want Donald Trump to be defeated, too. I think there is nobody here that does not want Donald Trump to be defeated. And I think the question that I would ask, that I think Joe Biden, as what looks like to be the presumptive nominee who needs to also focus on also unifying the party, is the fact that millennials are going through their second recession right now. You have to be able to appeal to them.”


When Rojas made the statement about “I think there is nobody here that does not want Donald Trump to be defeated”, she gestured to the entire panel, including Cooper and Borger.

Watch the video below, via Newsbusters – her remarks are around the :38 mark:

No one on the panel objected (as you can see from the full video clip here), including Cooper and Borger – who are supposed to be the “objective” members of the panel.


This is the same group of people, I should note, who had very concerned looks on their faces as they talked that same evening about how the White House Coronavirus Task Force’s daily press briefings were making Trump look more presidential in an election year. All of them appeared very worried over whether or not it would make it much harder for Joe Biden to win in November.

Every once in a while, liberals accidentally say the quiet part out loud. This was definitely one of those times.


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