George Conway Fumes at RedState Writer: We Must Ignore NeverTrump's Daily Lies Because Orange Man Bad


FILE – In this Thursday, Jan. 19, 2017 file photo, President-elect Donald Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway, center, accompanied by her husband, George, speaks with members of the media as they arrive for a dinner at Union Station in Washington, the day before Trump’s inauguration. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)


So this happened.

On Thursday, I wrote about how the Washington Post had to issue a rather embarrassing correction to a piece written by their “conservative” columnist Jennifer Rubin.

To quickly recap: In the piece, Never Trumper Rubin took her usual swipes at Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) for allegedly “fail[ing] to take an immediate vote on the House’s relief package last week”, calling it “emblematic of the sloth and irresponsibility of Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.”

She then went on to say that unless McConnell worked “in concert” with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to get something passed ASAP, that “more Americans will die, become ill, or experience economic hardship.”

Her version of events, however, were incorrect, as the Washington Post noted in a later correction:

There were two other issues with what Rubin wrote about McConnell’s handling of the relief package, as I also noted yesterday.

These noteworthy corrections that totally undercut Rubin’s case against McConnell were declared completely irrelevant by Trump hater George Conway, who took it upon himself to retweet my piece to say, in so many words, that the lies that come daily from NeverTrump media types are irrelevant because Orange Man Bad:


In case George is reading this, I’m going to try to explain this to him in the most basic terms possible so that maybe he’ll get why it’s important to point out when Never Trumpers (or anyone else in our left-leaning media) print these whoppers.

Rubin’s lie was not just a “passing reference in a single sentence.” Her insinuation was crystal clear. She was saying the blood of millions of American people would be on McConnell’s hands if he failed to act swiftly, even though in reality he had nothing to do with the delay of the bill in the first place.

She knowingly did this in the middle of a global pandemic, when people are looking to the media, their political leaders, and public health officials to get accurate information about what’s going on, when relief is coming, and what to do.

The supposed “lies” George Conway accuses Trump of are a matter of opinion – and more often than not, it’s Conway and others like him who are being dishonest about the Trump administration’s response to the Wuhan coronanvirus outbreak.


On the other hand, the lies NeverTrumpers like Jennifer Rubin and other left-wing media figures and commentators spew are not debatable. And the reason they post them on a daily basis is for one reason only: They’re blinded by TDS.

Trump could literally and truthfully announce the cure for the virus today, at this very moment, and Conway and others like him would still find fault with it.

There is, quite simply, nothing he can do to appease the George Conways and Jen Rubins of this world, nor should he bother trying.

Should our elected officials be held to account when they don’t tell the truth? Absolutely. But that in NO way gives a free pass to everyone else – especially those in the media – to do the same out of spite or whatever their reasons may be. Even columnists and other opinion writers should strive to publish the most accurate information when giving our points of view on what’s happening in the world.

Unfortunately for George and Jennifer, recent polls show that when it comes to becoming informed about the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak, more people – a lot more – trust government leaders and public health officials right now than they do the mainstream media. Maybe George should ask himself why that’s the case instead of clutching pearls because he was triggered by some inconvenient truths about his friends in the DC cocktail party circuit.


Oh, and one other thing, George:

Got it?


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