Hypocrites: The Countless Times the Mainstream Media Used 'Xenophobic' Term 'Wuhan Coronavirus' (Video)



As we’ve documented extensively here at RedState, the cast of characters at CNN went over the edge last night in response to President Trump’s address to the nation on the issue of the Wuhan coronavirus.


Brian Stelter’s and Oliver Darcy’s immediate priorities were to bizarrely tie in Trump’s speech to his “Fox wingmen” including Sean Hannity. Anchor Don Lemon went ballistic when former Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) refused to criticize Trump’s remarks.

And while talking with anchor Chris Cuomo, CNN’s chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta alleged, without evidence, that Trump’s speech was “going to come across to a lot of Americans as smacking of xenophobia” because Trump characterized the virus as a “foreign virus.”

That Democrats and the mainstream media have worked in concert to label anyone who notes that the Wuhan coronavirus originated in Wuhan, China as “racists” is not exactly surprising news, but some people may actually be shocked at just how often some of these same media figures referred to the virus as the “Wuhan coronavirus” or “Chinese coronavirus” prior to when the talking points came down about how it was “racist” to do so.

The Media Research Center did a fantastic job compiling video clips of network media anchors, reporters, and other assorted journalists all using the terms “Wuhan coronavirus” or “Chinese virus.” You’ll note while watching the video that many of them actually came from (surprise!) CNN:


Also, there was this from Acosta back in January:


Why is it so important to refer to the Wuhan virus by its proper name? “Rising” co-host Saagar Enjeti explains:

Yep. The mainstream media may be okay acting as dutiful agents for Chinese government propagandists because Orange Man Bad, but that doesn’t mean the rest of us have any desire to obediently fall in line.

Most importantly, there are whistleblowers in China who risked their lives to inform people about the disease. One of them even died from it last month. Their efforts should not be in vain.


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