Never Trumper David Frum Clobbered for Saying Bernie Bros Are People Who 'May Forget to Pay Their Bills'

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Supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., cheer as they caucus at the Bellagio hotel-casino, Saturday, Feb. 22, 2020, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/John Locher)


As I write this, David Frum is trending on the Twitter machine.

And not for a good reason.

The prominent Never Trumper made an appearance on BBC Tonight to discuss Super Tuesday results as they come in along with the particulars about the Democratic presidential candidates and their supporters.

In a clip that is being widely shared and mocked on social media, Frum compared and contrasted supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders with Joe Biden supporters. Here’s what he said:

“Joe Biden appeals to people who pay their cable bill on the day it arrives. Bernie Sanders appeals to people who may forget to pay their cable bill entirely.”

Seeming to catch himself mid-sentence, Frum added that “they’re both equally morally worthy but the first group are more reliable.”



Twitter liberals, many of them Bernie Bros., were not amused:

Okay, I actually laughed out loud at that last one.


It’s not clear what the context was behind Frum’s remarks, but I’m guessing he was probably asked which voters were the most likely to show up and vote on primary day. If so, there were better ways to put it than how he did. Something along the lines of “young liberal voters [who favor Bernie and who want everything for free] can’t always be counted on to show up, but older voters [who favor Biden and who are arguably more responsible] can.”

But he didn’t come anywhere close to saying that. He more or less said the quiet part out loud about how Never Trumpers feel about Bernie Sanders and his base of supporters. So the jokes are rolling in at Frum’s expense (and we’re thankful for the writing material!).


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