Video: Watch as Kim Guilfoyle Springs Into Action When an Iowa Protester Lunges for Donald Trump, Jr.

Screen grab via NBC News.

Don Trump, Jr and Kim Guilfoyle Screen grab via NBC News.

Sometimes a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

And that’s exactly what happened on Monday when Fox News commentator Kim Guilfoyle was standing alongside her boyfriend Donald Trump, Jr. during an Iowa news conference on behalf of President Trump’s reelection campaign on the day of the Iowa caucuses.


As Trump, Jr. was speaking, a protester emerged from the crowd and began yelling and accusing the Trump administration of being the cause of the rise of anti-Semitism in America:

The president’s eldest son quickly shot back by claiming his father has done more for the Jewish community than any president.

The scuffle happened while Donald Trump Jr. was speaking in West Des Moines, Iowa. The man walked toward the podium and started yelling, “I’m an American Jew and ever since your father was elected president, more and more Jews are being gunned down every year.”

The man was quickly dragged out of the news conference by Trump campaign aides and security officials. As the protester was being removed, the president’s son defended his father, emphasizing that “I don’t think anyone’s done more for Israel and American Jews than Donald Trump.”

But an interesting thing happened as the protester was scuffling with security, who were trying to get him out of the building:

Kim Guilfoyle stood up for her man. And not only did she stand up for him, she quickly moved between him to protect him from the agitated man who was yelling and gesturing towards Trump, Jr.


In other words, if that man somehow got away from security, he’d have had to go through her first to get to the president’s son. And she looked like she was ready for launch.

Watch the videos below from different angles to see how she reacted when the protester got a little too close to Trump, Jr.:

Here’s a close up photo:


The man who was removed from the building responded to the NBC News clip:

Assuming Glickman’s sincere (which is doubtful), I’m all for standing up for Jewish people, too. But President Trump is not the guy to be criticizing here on this issue. One wonders: Has Glickman ever heard of Democratic Reps. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib? Hmm.

As for Guilfoyle, that was just a straight up bad a** move. You go, girl.


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