Video: Mark Steyn Makes Brilliant Point About the 'Only Real Crime' Committed in the Ukraine Controversy

Columnist Mark Steyn speaks on Tucker Carlson's program - 1/30/2020. Screen grab via Fox News.

Mark Steyn

Author/columnist Mark Steyn speaks on Tucker Carlson’s program – 1/30/2020. Screen grab via Fox News.

With the question and answer portion of the Senate impeachment trial over and with reports swirling that Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has won on the issue of witnesses and may have this thing wrapped up by the weekend, author/columnist Mark Steyn appeared on Tucker Carlson’s program Thursday night to give his take on the case to date.


During the segment, both Steyn and Carlson talked about the sham nature of the proceedings, with Steyn suggesting President Trump “should have presented himself” before the Senate in his own defense in order to “[shove] this thing down Adam Schiff’s throat directly” and turn the trial “into a real circus.”

Carlson responded by saying it was hard to take any of this political theater seriously because “the charges don’t even make sense.” He also noted that Democrats are “guilty” of the crimes they accuse President Trump of committing.

And on the issue of the supposed crimes Trump allegedly committed, Steyn made an excellent point about how the “only real crime” committed was in how Hunter Biden defrauded our Ukraine out of millions of dollars. In mocking House Intel Chair Adam Schiff’s exaggeration of the United States’ alliance with Ukraine, here’s what Steyn asserted:

STEYN: “And the only thing I would add is that the only real crime here – to go back to what you were saying about Ukraine – Ukraine is our greatest ever ally. Ukraine was there when we stormed the beaches of Normandy, Ukrainian volunteers were at Fort Sumter. They’ve been with us throughout the history of the Republic.

The only crime in this thing was committed by Hunter Biden who stole the wealth of Ukraine from the people of Ukraine. Hunter Biden’s racket isn’t actually a victimless crime. And the victim was Ukraine.”

CARLSON: “That is such a great point. If you really believe that Ukraine was our essential ally, important enough to send your son to go die there – which is the case that Adam Schiff has made – you would be a little bit upset that Hunter Biden was defrauding Ukraine.”

STEYN: “Yeah, absolutely. I mean that’s the thing. They want to build a Ukraine safe enough for the sons of lifetime career [politicians like Joe Biden].”


Both Steyn and Carlson agreed that Trump’s lawyers should have been open to having John Bolton appear as a witness in order to prove what a “joke this whole thing” has been and to drag it out as long as possible to make Democrats look even worse than they already do.

Watch the full segment below:

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