Never Trumper Woes Continue as Jen Rubin Beclowns Self With Stunningly Bad Take on Trump's Legal Team

Dumpster Fire Flood Screen grab via Giphy.

It’s turning out to be another bad year for professional Never Trumpers. Not only are they not getting their way when it comes to Democratic witness demands in the Senate’s impeachment trial, but they’re also utterly embarrassing themselves on a routine basis on social media and during cable news network appearances where their lack of self-awareness is put on display for all to see.


The most recent example of this comes by way of Washington Post “conservative” columnist Jennifer Rubin who, when last we left you, was fawning like a school girl over House Intel Chief Adam Schiff’s (D-CA) presentation in the Senate trial. “Every American should be proud and should know what [Schiff] says is true and right,” she swooned as those of us in the cheap seats tried and failed to contain our laughter.

This time around, Rubin took aim at President Trump’s legal team – but in a much different, more mocking tone. Of Jay Sekulow and Pat Cipollone, Rubin tweeted:

Even with Rubin’s well-documented history of astonishingly ignorant opinions, it was still pretty remarkable to see a self-described “recovering lawyer” post such a stunningly bad (and ill-informed) hot take when search engines are literally just a click away:


Perhaps the most important point, however, was this one:

By the way, to say her tweet was seriously ratioed would be the understatement of the month:

In summary: Jen Rubin’s credibility crisis is very, very real.


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