Report: More People Watched 'Fascistic' Hallmark Movies Last Week Than They Did CNN's Impeachment Coverage

Hallmark Christmas movies

In this 2015 image released by Crown Media, Steve Lund, left, and Shenae Grimes-Beech appear in a scene from the Hallmark Channel film, “Christmas Incorporated.” (Ben Mark Holzberg/Crown Media via AP)


As most of us who have enjoyed Hallmark’s Christmas movies over the years predicted would eventually happen, the family-friendly TV network has come under fire in recent weeks for not being quite “woke” enough for their progressive viewership (all five of them, to be exact) when it comes to featuring LGBTQ romances and other LGTBQ characters in related supporting roles.

Most recently, the Hallmark channel was attacked by unhinged feminist icon Amanda Marcotte, who characterized the network’s “cloying and saccharine” movies as “constitut[ing] the platonic ideal of fascist propaganda.”

But in spite of the concerted efforts by virtue-signaling leftists to kneecap Hallmark’s popularity with conservative and middle of the road audiences, the channel continued to thrive in December, finishing well ahead of the Brian Stelter-led CNN the week before Christmas during the news network’s round-the-clock impeachment coverage:

The longer lines for each channel are for primetime numbers. The shorter lines are for the 24 hour averages.

Hallmark managed to rank in the top five in spite of the fact that they are not a news or sports network, according to Keys:

Last week, the Hallmark Channel placed third in overall cable news viewership, according to figures released by Nielsen, the measurement firm that gauges television viewership. The channel was behind Fox News and MSNBC in overall viewership between December 16 and December 22, Nielsen data showed.

Hallmark was watched in 957,000 homes, according to Nielsen, compared to CNN’s 778,000 homes. Hallmark’s schedule that week was an assortment of holiday-themed movies and television shows, while CNN provided ongoing coverage of the impeachment hearings and other political matters.

Hallmark also earned higher figures in prime-time viewership that week, drawing 1.73 million viewers to its movies. The channel placed fourth overall — behind Fox News, MSNBC and sports channel ESPN, but again ahead of CNN, which placed fifth.


That Hallmark outperforms CNN is not new news. In fact, it happens with some regularity every year, especially when they start running their Christmas movies.

Still, considering how the movie channel was broadsided this year by so-called “progressives” who demanded more “socially conscious programming”, it was worth pointing out that it appears the activist left’s campaign isn’t working.

That they’re beating CNN in the midst of the attacks is like a double bonus.

(Hat tip: Twitchy)


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