Ghouls: For the Second Time This Year, NY Times Comes up With Unusual Term to Describe a Fetal Heartbeat

Back in June, I wrote about how the push was on from liberal abortion activists and left-wing media outlets to characterize an unborn child’s heartbeat as something other than what it was in order to fool people into thinking the child’s heart wasn’t actually beating. There was also a concerted effort to get journalists to stop referring to unborn children as children.


To recap, here are two examples of activism in and outside of the media on the terminology issue:

Around that same time frame, the New York Times got involved in the campaign as well, describing a fetal heartbeat as “embryonic pulsing”:

The Washington Post did their part as well:

Sadly, the Times is at it again. Their latest term? “The pulsing of what becomes the fetus’s heart” – identical to the term the Washington Post used in their reporting back in late May/early June:


The irony of it all is that not even Planned Parenthood denies there is a fetal heartbeat at that early stage in pregnancy:

In spite of that, as I’ve said before the pro-abortion left, including their mainstream media allies, realizes that the most surefire way to keeping people believing in the “right to choose” is by dehumanizing unborn life by way of using vague or clinical terms. Like in their use of “fetus” instead of “child” or “baby.” Like in the way they’ve (falsely) asserted that there is no such thing as a “late term” or “partial birth” abortion.

Democrats and their feminist supporters have been very effective over the years at shifting the debate over abortion from being about the unborn baby and instead to being about the “woman’s right to choose.” They’ve been successful in this endeavor because liberal mainstream media news outlets like the New York Times, the Washington Post, and CNN willingly and eagerly go along with them.


But don’t you dare accuse them of picking sides or anything.

— Based in North Carolina, Sister Toldjah is a former liberal and a 16+ year veteran of blogging with an emphasis on media bias, social issues, and the culture wars. Read her Red State archives here. Connect with her on Twitter. –


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