Dear Mainstream Media: It's Not Just 'Old White Guys' Who Want to Protect Unborn Life

Pro-life and anti-abortion advocates demonstrate in front of the Supreme Court early Monday, June 25, 2018. The justices are expected to hand down decisions today as the court's term comes to a close. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Pro-life and anti-abortion advocates demonstrate in front of the Supreme Court early Monday, June 25, 2018. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

There are many things to complain about when it comes to the mainstream media’s biased coverage of the national debate over abortion. Among the most annoying of them is when they all but leave pro-life women out of the conversation as if they don’t exist.

While there are too many examples to document in one post, one notable example in particular of this type of bias was their coverage of the controversy surrounding Alabama’s pro-life bill earlier this year. The bill was signed into law in May by Gov. Kay Ivey, a Republican and staunch pro-life advocate.

You wouldn’t know by the headlines (nor if you even read some of the stories) that the sponsor of the bill was a woman and that all six Republican women in the Alabama House voted in favor of the bill. CNN was one media outlet that noted this but it was buried at the bottom of an article headlined “25 men voted to advance most restrictive abortion ban in the country.”

Take a look at some of the other headlines that were found from a simple Google search at the time:

Why is it that the mainstream media so often either ignores the voices of pro-life women or otherwise often doesn’t treat them with the respect and reverence that they do the voices of women who are pro-choice?

I think there are three main reasons for this:

1. “White men” are convenient whipping boys that journalists often like to blame for society’s ills, no matter the issue, and no matter how little those same men actually had to do with most of them.

2. Acknowledging that there is a strong contingent of female pro-life voices in America kinda destroys the tiresome “war on women” narrative Democrats and their media allies have pushed for the last several election cycles against Republicans. Naturally, conservative women who are pro-life tend to vote for pro-life candidates. If elected, those same voters want them to enact pro-life legislation in order to protect unborn children.

3. In addition to destroying the “war on women” narrative, acknowledging pro-life women’s voices more often as part of the overall vigorous debate on abortion would also mean the media has to admit women are not some giant monolith of mindless group-thinkers who all vote the same way.

It’s so frustrating watching and/or reading stories about pro-life issues from the mainstream media that include insinuations about how pro-life legislation “could hurt” Republicans with women at the polls. Here’s a newsflash: Pro-choice women upset with such legislation weren’t going to be voting for Republicans anyway.

Of course, if the media added the “pro-choice” qualifier when talking about these same women, it would defeat the whole purpose of the statement. So they don’t add it. Instead, they treat women as though they all speak with one voice on abortion issues.

They do the same thing when it comes to so-called “Equal Pay” legislation, the Equal Rights Amendment, etc.

The message is clear: Women who rebel against societal/cultural norms are to be celebrated and applauded but only as as long as they’re not rebelling against issues near and dear to the hearts of so-called “feminists” and their like-minded allies at left-leaning cable news networks.

Is it infuriating? Yes. Is it likely to change? Sadly, no. Should we stop speaking out in light of this?

Hell no.

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