Video: Liz Cheney Reminds Pelosi, Schiff of One Important Thing They're Forgetting About Impeachment Process

Screen grab via C-SPAN.
Liz Cheney
Screen grab via C-SPAN.

When it comes to questioning the secretive nature of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s and House Intel Chair Adam Schiff’s so-called “impeachment inquiry” process, Rep. Liz Cheney has not been shy about speaking her mind.


Cheney, who is the GOP Conference Chair, asked Pelosi earlier this month what she knew and when she knew it regarding the Trump/Zelensky call transcript from July. Cheney’s question came in response to comments Pelosi made during a 60 Minutes interview where she stated she knew what was in the transcript before it was okayed for release by the White House.

“This is starting to seem like a political set up,” tweeted Cheney at the time:

As Democrats continue to bang the impeachment drum and top Republicans in the House have gotten louder on questioning why they are being excluded from large parts of the process, Cheney provided a timely reminder for Pelosi and Schiff earlier this week as to an important part of the process they were deliberately overlooking. Here’s what she said:

“I think one of the really important things to recognize about the impeachment effort is the extent to which the materials are being kept in secret not just from the public, but kept in secret from other members.

So, we have had members go down and attempt to read the transcripts, for example Kurt Volker’s testimony and they were denied access.

The Constitution of the United States does not say that the power of impeachment resides with Speaker Pelosi, doesn’t say it resides with the Speaker of the House, doesn’t say that it resides with the Chairman of the Intel Committee. It says it resides with the House of Representatives.

And it is really a shameful miscarriage of their responsibilities and their duties for them to be conducting this exercise in which they will not even share information with members of Congress beyond the select few who they have identified.”


Watch Cheney’s remarks below:

Over to you, Madame Speaker.

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