Video: Lee Zeldin Mic Drops on Schiff-Pelosi "Clown Show" Impeachment Inquiry Process, Volker Interview

Lee Zeldin

Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) speaks on Adam Schiff’s handling of the impeachment inquiry – 10/8/19. Screen grab via RNC Research.

On Tuesday, Rep. Lee Zeldin and other Republican members of Congress took questions from the media on the impeachment inquiry process. At one point they were asked why Adam Schiff should release full transcripts of testimony from witnesses including former Ambassador Kurt Volker before all witnesses had testified.


Zeldin proceeded to unload.

“There’s an argument against transparency?”, Zeldin asked the journalist.

“There’s an argument in favor of cherry-picking selective releases of texts. There’s an argument in favor of only telling the American public what is best in the interest of wanting to take down a sitting president. Maybe you should ask what was said inside of Volker’s deposition during his transcribed interview with regards to Adam Schiff’s fairy tale quid pro quo charge, that aid from the United States to the Ukraine was being linked to an investigation into the Bidens. Why don’t you ask what did Ambassador Volker say about that?”

Zeldin then went on to provide the answers, stating that Volker testified for several hours about how, among other things, President Zelensky “had no idea that there was a hold on aid” at the time of the July call.

He also noted that Volker testified that, “during this entire time, the aid was getting released. It was going to get released. And guess what happened? The aid got released” in spite of there being no new investigation into Joe Biden’s role in the firing of the Ukrainian prosecutor.

“This whole thing is a fairy tale,” Zeldin ranted. He also opined that Schiff is misleading the media and that they are going along with it, which in turn means the American people are being deceived. Schiff has lied numerous times about what was said during the phone call, which Volker confirmed with his full testimony, according to Zeldin.

Zeldin continued:


“…if we weren’t there last Thursday, you would have no idea of everything that Ambassador Volker said to obliterate Adam Schiff’s fairy-tale quid pro quo charge. You’d have no idea.

So we’re here. Now as far as the administration goes, if they don’t want to send Ambassador Sondland here, because this is a kangaroo court, because there has not been a vote to launch an impeachment inquiry, because the minority does not have any rights for subpoenas, because the president doesn’t have the right to have council present to ask questions for subpoena power, to present evidence. This entire thing is a political charade, is a clown show.”

Watch Zeldin dismantle the Schiff-Pelosi “clown show” below:

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