Boom Lowered: Canadian Man Whose Elderly Mother Was Bullied by Antifa Thugs Destroys Their "Anti-Fascist" Narrative

Screenshot via this video.

Red State’s Nick Arama wrote earlier this week about a political event in Canada that went south fast after a group of Antifa thugs harassed and bullied a senior citizen who was trying to cross the street with her walker alongside an elderly man.


Here’s a quick recap of what happened via the National Post:

Police are investigating after an elderly woman using a walker was stopped from an event featuring Maxime Bernier by protesters shouting, “Nazi scum, off our streets.”

In a video widely circulating, the white-haired woman is walking over a crossing toward Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ont., on Sunday when her way is barred by three masked protesters. The protesters continually shout at the woman and her elderly male companion.
Once police were aware of what was happening, officers intervened and escorted the couple into the venue.

Watch what happened:

As it turns out, the man escorting the woman with the walker was her son Don Henderson, and he was understandably boiling mad at the appalling way his mother was treated. He penned a powerful piece responding to what happened, which was published by Hamilton News:


Once inside, my mother complained of having trouble hearing in that ear which was particularly cruel since we were attending an event that required us to listen to ideas. I felt terrible because I wanted to treat my mother to an evening out while preparing to make an informed vote in our federal election.

On our way in, those same mask wearing youths decided they wanted to “school” me on how I was also a Nazi. The irony of this attempt to be educated by the uneducated outside an institute of education is not lost on me.

What these bullies did not realize is that I’ve already had an excellent teacher on the subject. My grandfather.

And unlike these misguided youth, he actually went to Europe to kill Nazis. He served in England, Italy, France and Germany.

Are Antifa really “anti-fascists” as their name suggests? Hell no, wrote Henderson, who explained why:

But let’s get back to this masked group that often identifies as Antifa, standing for antifascist. It strikes me as contradictory that a group opposing Nazis or fascists would engage in these tactics. The suppression of opposition is a cornerstone of fascism, while it is our freedom to debate ideas that is a cornerstone of democracy. During the event, I didn’t hear one idea that remotely resembled the Nazi party. I didn’t agree with every policy they put forth, but that’s point isn’t it? I’m free to disagree.
If you need to wear a mask when you assault people, who exactly are you?


The debate is over. This man has absolutely won it.

Oh, by the way, cc’ing you on this, Chris Cuomo/DonLemon/CNN.

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