Smarter Than the Real One: Mini-AOC Returns, Has Some Qs for "Classmate" Greta Thunberg's Defenders (Video)

Mini AOC
Screen grab via the @RealMiniAOC Twitter account.

Back in July, Kira Davis wrote about the left’s despicable doxxing of the family behind the cute “Mini AOC” Twitter account. The personal threats and invasion into their privacy forced the family to stop making the parody videos mocking the real AOC that made so many people laugh, but it was understandable. Safety first and all that.


But in the aftermath of liberals recently holding up 16-year-old climate change activist Greta Thunberg as some sort of unquestionable absolute moral authority on all things climate-related, Mini AOC decided she’d stayed in the shadows long enough, and returned.

Her latest video tackles a variety of topics. Climate change, of course, is one of them. So is transgenderism, which Mini AOC originally thought equated to Mother Nature transitioning into being Father Nature! 😉

But she saved her strongest criticisms for the liberal defenders of her “former classmate” Thunberg, who Mini AOC says she hasn’t seen in person since “George Soros showed up and took Greta out of class one day.” Why defend her, Mini AOC asked liberals, when you forced me off the Internet? Why is it ok for teenager Thunberg to speak for adults, but I can’t do it because I’m just a kid?, she wondered.

In short: Why all the double standards?

Click to watch:


Very cute. And I must say, the kid makes some good points.

Oh, and one more thing:


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