#Journalism: Bloomberg Reporter Triumphant After Trump Official He (Falsely) Accused of Anti-Semitism Resigns

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Bloomberg Law journalist Ben Penn eagerly reported this morning that an adviser to President Trump had resigned “after anti-Semitic Facebook posts” from 2016 “surfaced”:


A recently appointed Trump Labor Department official with a history of advancing controversial conservative and faith-based causes in court has resigned after revelations that he wrote a 2016 Facebook post suggesting the Jewish-controlled media “protects their own.”

Four hours after Bloomberg Law requested comment from the White House and DOL about Leif Olson’s social media post, the department said he has resigned, without elaboration.

Olson, 43, started at the Labor Department’s Wage and Hour Division Aug. 12 as a senior policy adviser, after being cleared for the job by the White House.


Olson, an unsuccessful GOP candidate in 2012 for a Texas district court judgeship, fired off a series of late-night posts on his personal Facebook page three years ago that started as a sarcastic quip about former House Speaker Paul Ryan’s blowout primary victory. They then devolved into an exchange referencing two anti-Semitic tropes: that Jews control the media and that they look out for members of their own faith.


Here’s the problem with Penn’s “reporting.” It’s clear by looking at what Olson wrote that he was being sarcastic. Here are the comments Penn labeled as “anti-Semitic”:

Philip Klein at the DC Examiner explains:

In reality, the Facebook post in question was the opposite of anti-Semitic. It was a clearly sarcastic post from 2016 about Paul Ryan crushing alt-right challenger Paul Nehlen. If the over-the-top language isn’t a tip off, it’s a fairly dead giveaway that Olson refers to Ryan having “suffered a massive, historic, emasculating 70-point victory.”

When one of the commenters suggests Ryan must be a “neocon” and a Jew, Olson, clearly joking, responded, “It must be true because I’ve never heard the Lamestream Media report it, and you know they protect their own.”

Penn’s characterization was so over-the-top wrong that even liberal Jonathan Chait called him out over the false report:


Sadly, Penn is 100% unapologetic about the results of his erroneous reporting, and is now pretending that he is the true victim in all of this:



Olson’s friend Ted Frank, who is Jewish, ripped Penn’s reporting and correctly pointed out that he had effectively gotten a man who had just moved to DC with his family fired for no reason other than Orange Man Bad:

Should Olson and the DOL/White House have fought back against this false charge? Absolutely. Especially considering how, under the Stelter Standard, so-called “objective” journalists are feeling more free to unequivocally characterize statements as “racist” or “anti-Semitic” rather than using qualifiers like “some view as anti-Semitic” or “some say are racist”, the latter of which allows readers to decide what to think about any allegedly offensive statements.


For anyone out there who still after all this time doesn’t understand why conservatives and Republicans have such negative views about the mainstream press, you can stop wondering now.

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