Video: Lawrence Jones Discusses the Racist Taunts He Received at a New York "Impeach Trump" Rally

Campus Reform editor-in-chief Lawrence Jones appears on the Sean Hannity Show - 6/17/19. Screen grab via Fox News.
Lawrence Jones
Campus Reform editor-in-chief Lawrence Jones appears on the Sean Hannity Show – 6/17/19. Screen grab via Fox News.

Over the weekend, Fox News contributor and Campus Reform editor-in-chief Lawrence Jones went to an “Impeach Trump” rally in New York City to interview attendees and get their thoughts on why they believed President Trump should be impeached.


Jones got a lot of garden variety answers from the crowd along the lines of “Trump colluded with the Russians!” and “Trump’s an illegal president!”, but what stood out even more than those answers were the racist taunts Jones received from some of the rally-goers:

According to a Fox News producer at the scene, two men walked up to Jones near the end of the rally and told him to go back to Fox News “where there’s more cotton for you to pick.”

The producer said he asked one of the men: “What did you just say?” When the man made the same comment, the producer asked if he “was really going to say that,” to which the man responded: “I sure am.”

With Jones’ camera rolling, the man confronted by the producer, wearing a gray shirt, turned his back to the camera and made an obscene gesture. The second man, wearing a red shirt, told Jones: “He’ll tell you to go back to Kenya next.”

“You say what now?” Jones asked.

“He’ll tell you ‘go back to Kenya’ next,” the man in the red shirt said.

Jones appeared on Sean Hannity’s program Monday night and talked about his experience:

Two men who hurled racial taunts at Fox News contributor Lawrence Jones reveal the true sentiments of some on the left, he said.

Jones told Sean Hannity on “Hannity” that many conservatives are wrongfully construed as hateful and discriminatory, and the media will likely ignore the New York City incident.

“This is who they are, Sean,” the Campus Reform editor-in-chief claimed. “So often those of us on the right are painted as the racist people, the hateful people,” he said.

“I was just asking these people a simple question about if they felt like the president should be impeached or not.”


“I’m going to expose it every single day. If they think I’ll stand down because they yelled obscene things, to me they have another thing coming.”


According to Hannity, Jones and his camera crew were only able to get one of the two racist taunts on video. Watch Jones’s interview with Hannity below – included is the one racist incident they were able to capture on camera:

Jones is right in that our mainstream media firefighters by and large will not condemn this. I would be seriously shocked to see Brian Stelter weigh in on the incident. Stelter is too busy questioning Trump’s mental health and actually attacking Fox News to care much about what happens to its journalists, hosts, and contributors.

Unfortunately, what happened to Jones is not just a one-off. These types of vicious taunts happen to black conservatives daily. Female conservatives get insulted, too, and are labeled as “slaves to the patriarchy” and other such nonsense. Hispanic conservatives are treated the same way. Same for conservatives in the LGBTQ community.

Basically, if you are considered a minority and you don’t toe the liberal line on perpetual victimhood and leftism in general, you are an inauthentic woman/black person/Hispanic/LGBTQ, etc.

One of the biggest lies the left has been able to successfully perpetuate over the years is that they are “tolerant” and “welcoming” of diverse viewpoints from diverse groups. They’re not. They never have been. The vile treatment Jones received is one on a long list of many such incidents that disprove the left’s claims of “tolerance.”


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