Bully Brian Sims Sends Out Apology Email - but Only Apologizes to Abortion Supporters

Source: Life News HQ.

As I wrote last week, Pennsylvania state Rep. Brian Sims (D) retreated to his safe spaces for a few days in the aftermath of the powerful response to his attempts at silencing and doxxing three pro-life teenagers and an elderly woman at a Planned Parenthood in Pennsylvania in recent weeks.


But over the weekend, the pro-abortion bully masquerading as a state legislator resurfaced – not in person but in an email where he issued an apology of sorts… to Planned Parenthood:

Sims’ letter, published by New York Post writer and CNN contributor Salena Zito, urges people to donate to the Planned Parenthood abortion chain. He began by apologizing for his “aggressive” and “inappropriate” behavior and promised “to do better” in the future.

“To the staff, volunteers, and patients of Planned Parenthood, I’m sorry to have created this distraction,” Sims wrote. “I vow to do better. I vow to keep fighting for the same values of progress for all that I’ve always fought for.”

Then, adding insult to injury, Sims doubled down on his attacks of the peaceful pro-life advocates.

“I’m angry that pro-life protesters use white privilege and racism to attack people of color in my district and across the nation, for seeking critical health care,” he wrote.

Read the full email below:


He cares, y’all, cares deeply about abortion rights, and he only went over the line because he cares so so much. Ultimately HE is the victim here (he wants you to know and believe that very much, naturally).


Sims non-apology to the 3 teenage girls and elderly woman he shamelessly bullied is not exactly a surprise, considering the video he posted earlier in the month where he essentially did the same thing.

In the comments to Saleno Zito’s tweet, the father of two of the teenage girls weighed in after PA House Speaker Mike Turzai (R) responded to Zito’s question about censuring Sims:



The national media doesn’t care enough to bring the pressure on to Pennsylvania legislators to take action against Sims, but local and state residents sure can by way of email or social media.

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