Republican Former NC Governor Says His Car Was Vandalized in a Politically Motivated Attack - While He Was in It

There’s never a dull moment in North Carolina politics, as recent events have shown. But on Wednesday afternoon in Charlotte, one man allegedly took things to the extreme – and politics might have been his motivator.


Charlotte news station WCNC reports:

Pat McCrory said he was driving and had slowed down to stop for a pedestrian. The former governor described the details Thursday morning on WBT Radio.

“So I rolled down my window and I said ‘Sir, go on, go on, I want to make sure I don’t block you doing this’, and I wasn’t even in the right of way,” McCrory said.

However, that’s when he said it became clear the suspect recognized him.

“He said, ‘Wait a minute, I recognize you, you’re Pat McCrory you blankety blank blank blank,’ and I was thinking to myself, he is not a fan,” McCrory said on the radio.

Moments later, McCrory said the man started attacking.

“He proceeds to take his big limb from a tree that he’s carrying across the street, that he’s carrying like Moses would, and he slams it on top of my car,” McCrory said.

Watch WCNC‘s news segment on the story to hear what was said on the police scanner about the attack:

A local traffic scanner on Twitter wrote this about what he heard about the incident as it happened:

McCrory is a Republican, and was the governor of North Carolina from Jan. 2013 to Jan. 2017. He hosts a weekday morning show on Charlotte’s WBT Radio where he talked about the incident Thursday morning at the start of his show. Click below to listen:


He described the suspect a a “big man” who looked like “a former championship wrestler” and said he was “bigger than me.” McCrory said he put one foot outside of his car to confront the alleged attacker before deciding it was best to stay in the car.

At this point, the suspect has not been arrested and McCrory says he’ll have to pay about $600 to get his gold Lexus repaired. He also said it appeared that someone in a nearby car was videotaping the incident, so there may be footage out there of what happened as well.

The former governor was floated as a possible contender in the hotly contested NC District 9 Congressional race, but said in February he wouldn’t run. He hasn’t ruled out a possible second run for governor, or even a Senate campaign in the future.

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