WATCH: Jerry Nadler on the Starr Report in 1998 vs. Jerry Nadler on the #MuellerReport in 2019

Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY)
Rep. Jerrold “Jerry” Nadler (D-NY-10). Screen grab via CBS – Face the Nation.

Per CNN, the Mueller report is coming and soon:

A copy of Robert Mueller’s redacted report will be posted on the special counsel website after it has been delivered to Congress.

A senior DOJ official said the report will be delivered between 11 a.m. ET and noon to Capitol Hill and lawmakers will receive discs.


While the media and politicos of all stripes draw conclusions before the report is released to the public, now is a good time to remind everyone about House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler’s change of heart on releasing redacted reports.

Jerry Dunleavy at the DC Examiner did a good write-up on this just a couple of weeks ago:

But back in 1998, as a member of the same committee, he vociferously opposed the release of the full Starr Report, saying that “as a matter of decency and protecting people’s privacy rights, people who may be totally innocent third parties, what must not be released at all.”

Then, the president was Bill Clinton. Now, it is a Republican, Donald Trump.


Ken Starr, the independent counsel investigating then-President Bill Clinton, delivered his report to Congress on Sept. 9, 1998. That night, Nadler went on Charlie Rose’s show to push back against the Republican demand that the voluminous report should be made public. “It’s grand jury material. It represents statements which may or may not be true by various witnesses,” Nadler said. “Salacious material. All kinds of material that it would be unfair to release,”


That was then, and this is now and Nadler has kinda sorta flip-flopped. From CBS News‘s “Face the Nation” on Sunday April 7th:

New York Rep. Jerry Nadler, the Democratic chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, said Congress is “entitled to see all” of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report, doubling down on his demand that the Justice Department provide his committee with the findings of the nearly two-year Russia investigation with no redactions.

“Congress has a right to the entire report with no redactions whatsoever so we can see what’s there,” Nadler said on “Face the Nation” Sunday. “We’re entitled to see it because Congress represents the nation. And Congress has to take action on any of it. So we’re entitled to see all of it.”

Nadler said he would go to court to obtain secret grand jury testimony that might be included in the unredacted report.


Nadler said the full disclosure of the findings of Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in U.S. elections and possible coordination between the Trump campaign and Moscow is necessary for the American public to judge Mr. Trump’s conduct — whether it amounts to impeachable offenses or not.


Watch Jerry Nadler argue with Jerry Nadler in the video clips below:


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