WATCH: Lesbian Activist Speaks Truth to Power at 'Equality Act' Hearing, Says Trans Provisions Will Erase Women's Rights

Lesbian activist Julia Beck, during a February 2019 appearance on Tucker Carlson's show.
Julia Beck, Lesbian Activist
Lesbian activist Julia Beck, during a February 2019 appearance on Tucker Carlson’s show.

Baltimore lesbian activist Julia Beck has spoken out in recent months about the transgender rights movement and how their militant activism seeks to silence women’s voices like hers and others.


Today she had a chance to speak before the House Judiciary Committee during a hearing on the “Equality Act”, a bill proposed by Democrats. PJ Media‘s Tyler O’Neil transcribed some of what Beck had to say:

“If the act passes in its current form as H.R. 5, then every right that women have fought for will cease to exist,” Beck warned. “H.R. 5 is a human rights violation. Every single person in this country will lose their right to single-sex sports, shelters, grants, and loans. The law will forbid ever distinguishing between women and men.”


While the “myth of changing sex has gained considerable traction,” she insisted that “sex is a vital characteristic, gender and identity are not.” She reminded the audience that “100 years ago, pink was a color for boys, but now pink is a girl’s color.”

Beck opposed “sex stereotypes that prevent people from being authentically themselves.” She warned that the circular definition of gender identity as based on “actual or perceived gender-related characteristics” will require lawmakers to “consider which mannerisms, hairstyles, occupations, and clothing choices make up one gender identity or another.”

“How is this any different from the sex stereotypes that women have been fighting to break free from? How is this not regressive?” the feminist asked.

O’Neil also noted that Beck’s testimony “caused quite a stir, with many Democrats expressly asking other witnesses to delegitimize it.”


Yeah, that’s a shocker.

Watch video of her powerful testimony below (video starts at the beginning of her testimony):

Showing that politics does indeed sometimes make strange bedfellows, Concerned Women for America’s Doreen Denny penned a piece published at Fox News this week on the group’s opposition to the Equality Act. Her points were similar to Beck’s:

The bill would create a world in which women and girls are no longer recognized, protected or dignified as uniquely female. In jobs, education, sports, shelters or any public space, any biological man classifying himself as a woman according to his “gender identity” would have every claim to any women’s program, scholarship, sports roster, competition, boardroom, executive office, women’s shelter, bathroom, locker room or job.

Ponder this. Under the Equality Act, everything women have done and achieved over the last half century to improve opportunities and protections in education, sports, the workplace and society could be overruled by any male claiming “womanhood.”

Julia Beck is not the only lesbian rights activist who has been ostracized and vilified by the transgender community. As I wrote last month, tennis great and LGBT rights pioneer Martina Navratilova found herself on the receiving end of a barrage of hate from trans activists after stating that she felt allowing men to compete in women’s sports was unfair to women.

There have been many others.

Just last month, a rape crisis center in Vancouver, Canada was stripped of city funding over their refusal to allow transgender women access to their facilities. The campaign against the women’s shelter was organized by a biological male turned transgender female named Morgane Oger, who called the funding cut a “victory for trans rights”:


The campaign against the women’s shelter was applauded by female members of the Vancouver city council. Talk about useful idiots.

Beck also appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show back in February where they discussed the transgender vs. feminist issue. Watch below:

This is the real war on women, folks.

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