Defiance: One North Carolina County Has Officially Declared Itself a Gun Sanctuary

Screen grab via WLOS.
Screen grab via WLOS.

The Cherokee Scout reported earlier this month that North Carolina’s westernmost county has decided it will become a sanctuary for gun owners:


A 3-2 majority of the Cherokee County Board of Commissioners approved a resolution Monday night to declare this a “gun sanctuary county.”

The three-page resolution, written by Commissioner Dan Eichenbaum, runs through the history of constitutional law as it relates to the Second Amendment and the right to “keep and bear arms for self-defense, personal safety, protection of one’s family, and in defense of one’s community and county.”

Much like immigration sanctuary cities refuse to enforce some immigration laws laid down by the federal government, Cherokee County has resolved it will not authorize any funds or county manpower to enforce any act that will “infringe on the right by the people to keep and bear arms as described.”

All five commissioners are Republicans. The article notes the two who voted against the largely symbolic declaration consider themselves supporters of the 2nd amendment but had issues with the wording of the resolution. The Cherokee Scout also reported that Cherokee County Sheriff Derrick Palmer was on board with the resolution as written.

As the Charlotte Observer points out, the gun sanctuary movement is growing:

More than two dozen counties and even a few cities in western states have adopted similar sanctuary resolutions, reported the Alamogordo Daily News in New Mexico on March 13.

However, when the city of Alamogordo declared itself a gun sanctuary city this week, Mayor Richard Boss admitted the move was merely symbolic. “Our police force is going to have to enforce the laws of the state of New Mexico,” Boss said, the Daily News reported.

The Pacific Standard reports similar resolutions have been adopted in multiple states (New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Washington and Illinois) where there is a “widening gulf between the state’s rural and metropolitan populations.”


Commissioner McKinnon told WLOS that Clay County, which is next door to Cherokee, may also pass a similar resolution.

He also posted the text of the resolution on his Facebook page (which you can also read here):

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