Karma: Unhinged Student Who Ambushed Chelsea Clinton Apologizes for Past Homophobic, Racist Tweets

Leen Dweik, the woman behind the viral video of Chelsea Clinton being verbally ambushed during a Friday vigil in New York for the New Zealand mosque massacre victims, is in hot water over past offensive tweets where she used homophobic and racist slurs.


Aussie Dave at the IsraellyCool blog documented some of the tweets, most of which have been deleted. They include homophobic language:

The tweets where she used the “n” word were not documented, but Dweik herself acknowledged she posted them in a series of tweet apologies she issued to the black and LGBTQ communities:

The excuses and apologies are lame and insincere, but one thing she doesn’t make apologies for are anti-Semitic tweets which were – surprise – discovered after Twitter sleuths found her call for Israel to be demolished (again, via Aussie Dave at IsraellyCool):


After Twitter took her off suspension, Dweik – who describes herself as a Muslim Palestinian – posted this:

Buzzfeed, which gave the unhinged Dweik and her friend Rose Asaf a journalistic platform to use to explain “their side” of the story, should be so very proud. Hats off to Ben Smith and the gang. You picked some real winners to amplify, y’all.

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