AOC: What Drives My Critics Most Crazy Is That "I Am as Powerful as a Man"

As I wrote yesterday, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez didn’t have a particularly good weekend.

And her week hasn’t started off any better (in fact, it’s about to get much worse).


But in the middle of all this, The New Yorker magazine published a glowing profile of the freshman Congresswoman that is sure to give her some measure of comfort as Republicans continue to “seize” on new information that paints her in a bad light.

Of particular interest to me was her reaction when the New Yorker interview turned to characterizations and the picture her political opposition painted of her:

Well, first of all, she comes from New York, but not Trump’s New York. She grew up without great privilege. She is a person of color. And she is a woman. And, “In politics,” as Ashley Reese wrote for Jezebel, “women are often either characterized as hideous harpies like Hillary Clinton or pretty idiots whose ‘craziness’ is bound up with their sex appeal. . . . To her critics, Ocasio-Cortez is firmly in the pretty idiot category.”

When I read that to Ocasio-Cortez, she could only agree. “I feel like I predicted it from day one,” she told me. “The idea that a woman can be as powerful as a man is something that our society can’t deal with. But I am as powerful as a man and it drives them crazy.”

Oh stop it, honey. Please. Just stop it. You’re embarrassing yourself, and the women who will proudly walk the halls of Congress after you are long gone.


One of the biggest things that drives Ocasio-Cortez’s critics most crazy – outside of her full-on socialistic policy proposals that get fawning press coverage – is that she doesn’t know to handle criticism. Her default response is to invoke her womanhood and… her color. She did it later on in the same New Yorker piece:

Was that the case with Trump? I [writer David Remnick] asked.

“I can see Trump being enormously upset that a twenty-nine-year-old Latina, who is the daughter of a domestic worker, is helping to build the case to get his financial records. I think that adds insult to injury to him.”

This tactic is nothing more than a way to try and shut people up. To paraphrase: “I’m a woman and POC. Stop bullying me!” It’s not gonna work with Trump, and it’s not going to work with any of her other outspoken critics who see right through it.

Ocasio-Cortez and other liberal women like her want to enjoy a double standard when it comes to criticism. Men who are in politics are subjected to brutal criticism and treatment, and are expected to sit back and take it. But when women get the same treatment, all of a sudden everyone has to don kid gloves because feelings?

Ocasio-Cortez is the result of modern feminism’s emphasis on projecting eternal victimhood for sympathy/power. No matter what is said about her, flattering or not, pro or con, if it doesn’t meet her approval she’ll say it happened because she’s a woman.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: What’s happening to them is what happens to any other politician, male or female, no matter their color, when their bad (and in some cases dangerous) policy ideas and hypocrisy have been exposed. They all need to put on their big girl panties and deal with the criticism like grown women instead erupting into fits of the vapors and falling onto the fainting couch.

You can’t have it both ways, ladies.

Sister Toldjah is a former liberal and a 15+ year veteran of blogging with an emphasis on media bias, social issues, and the culture wars. Read her Red State archives here. Connect with her on Twitter.–


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