Antifa and BLM Come to DC Rally Where They Are Outnumbered -- They Should Have Stayed Home

AP Photo/Butch Dill

Quite a day in Washington DC.  A huge crowd gathered in support of “Stop The Steal”, the rallying cry of supporters of President Trump and the Trump Administration, who are slowly watching as political machines in big cities manufacture just enough votes to squeak out narrow “wins” for Joe Biden — by “voters” who have never expressed any real affection or desire for his leadership in the past. (See coverage of the leftwing violence and intimidation at Antifa Goes Wild in D.C., Attacking Trump Supporters, Even Terrorizing Children and the Elderly)


It’s quite remarkable that just enough Democrats in four major cities managed to rally themselves in such numbers for a candidate making his third effort at the Presidency for the Democrat party — when neither of his first two efforts managed to cross the 5% threshold in the primaries, and a Vice Presidential picked who dropped out of the only primary campaign she entered while having a standing in the polls of less than 4%.

Quite a pair — it’s obvious from listening to them for 10 minutes why the Democrats in those four cities would flock to them with levels of support that make Barack Obama’s envious.

Not content to allow expressions of frustration and anger to be played out without antagonism, BLM and Antifa made their presence known in much smaller numbers. DC police were generally in position to keep the confrontations from spiraling out of control, but the two groups did have a few running confrontations into the night.

The DC Police seemed to be prepared to deal with problems — but as you can see near the bottom, the Trump Supporters were fine taking care of themselves.


As it got later in the evening, the hard core right looked to gain some measure of payback.




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