Joe Biden Saying "Hello Minnesota" in front of a sign with "Tampa, Florida" at the top -- UPDATED: video digitally altered

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

This story originally had a video of Joe Biden making a campaign appearance and immediately upon starting his remarks he said “Hello Minnesota.”

Behind him on a stage was a large campaign billboard which said at the very top “Tampa, Florida”.


I first saw the video on Twitter, and later found it on YouTube.

After the story was posted, I saw comments here and on Twitter that the video had been faked, and I was given a link to Cspan video from an event in Minnesota, which matched exactly the setting, Biden’s approach to the microphone, and the words he spoke, beginning with “Hello Minnesota.”

The difference is that the billboard behind him said at the very top “Text MN to 30330”.  That part of the billboard was digitally altered in the video I posted to say “Tampa, Florida”.

In addition, the sign on the lectern in front of Biden has the same phrase “Text MN to 30330”.

In the Youtube video that text is altered to read “Text FL to 30330.”

I’ve deleted the entire story, and I apologize for the error.






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