Portland Shield Maiden Attempts to Block Police Motorcycle Officer From Pursuing Vehicle -- Yeah, It's on Video

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Portland police pepper spray


As Kenny Bania is famous for saying to Jerry Seinfeld — “That’s Gold Jerry, Gold.”

It’s the old story you’ve heard so many times before — Police Officer on a motorcycle pulls up to two cars blocking a public street to protect protesters.  As the Officer speaks with the occupants of one car, a crowd of protesters moves in around him and begins to interfere with him in the performance of his duties.  The driver of the car takes advantage of the opportunity to drive off.  The Officer disengages from the crowd and gets on his motorcycle to pursue the vehicle.  A “Shield Maiden” jumps in front of the motorcycle to impede his efforts to follow the car.  The Police Officer runs over the Shield Maiden.


Oh well.  Seems like a stupid thing to have done.

Here’s a second video, just because …

One of these days I’ll figure out how to de-couple two videos when they are joined together like this, and I only want to embed one of them.  “But it is not this day”- King Aragorn.

The woman was injured.

Do I feel bad for her?  Not really.  You can’t always fix crazy or stupid.




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