There is a Body Count in Kenosha Tuesday Night -- Armed Civilians Fire on Rioters Leaving Two Dead

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Armed citizens, Kenosha

UPDATE: The original version of this story said only one fatality had happened. An early morning press advisory from the Kenosha Police Department says there are two confirmed fatalities.


The videos below contact graphic images and language.

As I said in my last update to this post late last night, we might wake up to a casualty count in Kenosha with armed confrontations between rioters and armed citizens seeming to escalate as the night went on.

Sure enough, one incident led to a fatal shooting.  The specifics are unsettled, but the video seems to show an individual wearing a gray sweatshirt and armed with a long-gun running down the street trailed by several individuals chasing him.  The armed individual seems to stumble and fall without anyone around him.  At that point, you can see a handful of pursuers then quicken their approach at him from several angles, and with just a moment or two to react, the armed individual begins to fire.

Here is a longer version that picks up a bit earlier, but doesn’t as clearly depict the shooting.

You can clearly see on individual go down only a matter of about 10 feet from the shooter, and he does not move thereafter while in the frame of the camera.  The shooter is able to regain his feet and begins a more “tactical retreat facing the direction that his pursuers had come from, with his rifle ready.  The person who took the video noted on his Twitter posting that there were shots fired from more than one weapon.


There are varying accounts on Twitter about who the shooter was and his motives for being there.  I haven’t found any information yet with regard to an arrest, but you can see police arrive at the scene and the shooter walking up to them as the video ends.

There are reports on Twitter that one of the individuals who was shot has died.

Here is a live feed from YouTube.  Advance it to 3:59.00 on the time stamp to pick up where things start to happen.  It actually seems to show Victim No. 1 — who is thought to be the deceased individual tonight — chasing the individual who turns out to be the shooter and appears to throw something at him.  Then you hear a gunshot, but you cannot see the two individuals at that point.  That is followed by several gunshots in rapid order.  After about 20 seconds, you can see the shooter carrying the long gun run away.  That appears the be the same individual who is then chased down the street in the first two videos above.

A Twitter account reporting the statement of witnesses to the events say the video above was the first shooting, and it was the shooter from this first incident who was running away and stumbled as shown in the first video at the top of the story, leading to the shooting incident in the middle of the street.  It appears that the person in the above video who departs carrying a long gun — and who seems to have been the shooter in this video — is the same person who was being pursued down the street when he fell.


This next video captures in gruesome detail the reality of a large caliber rifle wound, the victim having been shot in the arm.  It appears as if this is one of the multiple shooting victims from the first video above.

This next video is of a man who seems to be describing yet another shooting, as he says a series of SUVs drove by in a group and fired at people on the street.  He says none of the vehicles had license plates.  I haven’t found any video or press reports of this incident so far.

Here are a couple of videos from earlier tonight showing groups of armed individuals who came to Kenosha tonight.

This response is a result of feckless Democrat political leadership that was unprepared to deal with the rioting last night. This isn’t Portland.  The residents of Kenosha and surrounding areas of Wisconsin were not going to sit and watch the town be destroyed again in the manner it was last night.  The gunplay was inevitable given the seeming feeling of invincibility the rioters apparently possess.  To me, the only sensible response to a person possessing a firearm who might object to my activity would be to retreat, and to not do anything to create a confrontation.  What do these rioting idiots do instead?  They chase the guy with the long-gun, and when he falls down they converge on him in a pack.  What did they think he might do given that he came to the party armed?  Do they think he hadn’t thought through this scenario in his head? It’s clear the rioters had not.


One thing the shooting did accomplish?  It drove the rioters off the streets.  There are no videos tonight of buildings being torched throughout Kenosha.  Funny how it happens that way.




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