Big Yuan: Big Gov and Big Biz's Titanic Russia-China Hypocrisy

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The Zeitgeist is demanding the total evacuation of Russia by every government and business on the planet.  A blanket boycott of all things Cyrillic.  No business dealings.  Massive sanctions.  As the response to Russia invading its neighbor Ukraine.


Never mind that these things never, ever work properly.

Why Sanctions Don’t Work, and Why They Mostly Hurt Ordinary People

And I wish the US cared one tiny fraction as much about the lawless US southern border as it is pretending to care about the Russia-Ukraine border.

Oh: And currently on the planet, there are numerous other border skirmishes.  About which the Zeitgeist couldn’t care less.  Or worse.  Here’s a couple….

Saudi Arabia invaded Yemen in 2014 — as a part of a Yemeni civil war that still rages.  And we’ve been helping Saudi Arabia — the invader, not the invad-ee.  And in the bramble-bush thicket that is the Middle East, that puts US on the same side as Al Qaeda.  The Zeitgeist has done its very best to ensure you know none of this.

Eritrea has launched numerous incursions into Ethiopia during the latter’s ongoing Tigray War.  The Zeitgeist couldn’t care less.

Which brings us to Communist China.  The ChiComms have a long history of invading their neighbors.

1949 Annexation of Xinjiang by the People’s Republic of China

1952 Annexation of Tibet by the People’s Republic of China

Once invaded, things quickly get worse for China’s newest possessions.

In Xinjiang — are the Uyghurs….

China Committed Genocide Against Uyghurs, Independent Tribunal Rules

How have the ChiComms treated the Tibetans?  Three guesses — the first two don’t count.

The Tibetan Genocide

And looming on the very near horizon is Taiwan.


China Claims Taiwan as Its Own as Russia Tests World with Ukraine

China is helping Russia — and is contemplating helping more.

Biden Shared Intel with China — and China, Naturally, Shared That Intel with Russia

U.S. Doubles Down on Claims China Will Help Russia in Ukraine

China as Russia’s Backdoor to Western Sanctions

And guess why?  If you said “Money”….

Chinese Companies See Stocks Skyrocket Over Russia Trade Hopes

Yuan talks, male cow excrement walks.

The Russia-China Trade Relationship Is ‘Only Going to Deepen’

Here’s where The Zeitgeist’s hypocrisy really kicks in.  While they have been incessantly preening in their call for total Russian excommunication?  They have done and said NOTHING about China’s decades’ worth of MUCH worse and more numerable bad actions.

And guess why?  If you said “Money”….  As we noted at the outset of this Russia nonsense:

“All these companies preening about Russian boycotts and divestitures?  Will do none of the above when China takes Taiwan.  Because Russia is a weak sister – and can’t bribe them China-style.”

The Zeitgeist will also do nothing to China should China directly counter everything The Zeitgeist does to Russia.

Because money.

Russia is, as noted, a weak sister.  They have a basically non-functioning economy outside of the petroleum on which they stand.  They are a gas station — with a country attached.

They haven’t been able to afford to spend the last several decades mass-bribing the US and the rest of the world.  You know, the way China has.


Bribing the World, With Chinese Characteristics:

“(T)he government of one country bribes the rest of the countries of the world in order to influence their attitudes and behavior.”

The US has long been omni-directionally poisoned:

“The Chinese Connection: From the Clintons to Biden, Inc.

“A Collusion Tale: Joe Biden, Hunter Biden & China

“Intel Chief: China Targeting Members of Congress as Part of ‘Massive Influence Campaign’

“Like With Hunter Biden, McConnell And Pelosi Are Beholden to China Through Family Business Deals

“Media Glosses Over Dianne Feinstein’s Chinese Spy

“Dianne Feinstein Lauds China as a ‘Respectable Nation’

“Husband Invested in China as Feinstein Pushed Trade

“How Diane Feinstein Achieved a Net Worth of $58 Million

“Swalwell Affair with Chinese Spy Compromises US Intel

“Eric Swalwell and the Spy: A Lesson in How China Is Undermining Us

“Chinese Investments in the United States:

“‘(T)he United States…received over $180 billion from January 2005 through June 2021.’

“Harvard Leads U.S. Colleges That Received $1 Billion from China

“Chinese Communist Party Funds Washington Think Tanks

“And all of China’s purchased-from-the-US domestic latitude leads to China’s stolen-from-the-US international latitude.

“China Hijacks US Patent System to Steal American Inventions

“Chinese Accused of Stealing Research from U.S. Labs, Universities

“China Recruits Researchers to Steal U.S. Technology

“Lather, rinse and repeat all of this US idiocy for decades….”


And The Zeitgeist’s China corruption is a two-way street.  China famously has more than a billion inmates.  Oops — I mean people.  Whom our amoral Big Businesses view as nothing more than a massive, captive audience for their stuff.

The ChiComms demand all sorts of morality sell-outs by these companies before the ChiComms will allow them access to their prison population.  Big Businesses the world over readily comply with all of them.

And no sector is quicker to sell out the peoples of the US and China to the ChiComms than is Big Tech.

Because Big Tech is all about the government cronyism — all over the world.

Here in the US, they bribe the daylight out of DC — and get all sorts of crony government gifts.

Section 230: Which gives Big Tech nigh total legal amnesty.

Net Neutrality: Which outlaws Big Tech paying for the titanic amounts of bandwidth they use.

Blanket antitrust amnesty: Where DC perpetually feigns enforcement…but never, ever delivers.

Universal Service Fund tax exemption: A tax imposed in the name of expanding Internet access for poor people.  From which Big Tech benefits mightily – but for which they pay nothing.

DC’s international protection racket: Where DC goes to war to protect Big Tech from any international taxes, legislation or regulations that Big Tech finds even remotely unpleasant.

And on, and on, and….

To gain access to China’s one+ billion prisoners, Big Tech happily submits to the Communist regime’s many demands.  Including selling US out time and time again.


Big Tech Cozying Up to China

How Big Tech Elites Are Helping China Achieve Global Supremacy

US Big Tech and Their Contribution to China

How China Squeezes Tech Secrets from U.S. Companies

The US Sell-Out Continues: Big Tech’s Latest Capitulations to Communist China

Leftist Big Tech: ‘Communist China? Heck Yes. The US Military? Heck No.’

And of course: Big Tech perpetuates its total fealty to Communist China — while simultaneously joining the pullout preening in Russia.

Major Tech Companies Pulling Out of Russia Following the Invasion of Ukraine

Big Tech Eagerly Blocks Virtually All Content from Russia While Completely Refusing to Address Chinese Propaganda

Why hasn’t Big Tech addressed Chinese propaganda either?

If you guessed “Money”….


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