Joe Biden Tweets Fellow Puppet, Praises Fake Vaccination as a Way of Saving Imaginary Neighborhood

It should come as no surprise that Joe Biden talks to inanimate objects.  The man has proved to be so far gone mentally lately, that really anything is possible at this point.  While I certainly was no longer laughing at this travesty of a “Presidency” as recently as the end of August, it has become even less of a joke as of late, with Biden being trotted around as somehow “in charge.”  Even back in July, the overwhelming majority of this country didn’t believe that Biden was in charge, instead indicating that his handlers are who run the country.   What percentage of Americans would believe that same statement today?  60 percent?  70 percent?  Higher?  Even Biden himself has indicated numerous times as to things he was “allowed” to say, people, he was “allowed” to call on, and the wrath he was going to generate by saying the wrong thing. It is time for everyone to admit what we have here is a “Puppet Presidency.”


So when Big Bird tweeted the other day that he “received the vaccine,” I felt like we had crossed the Rubicon into the blatantly batsh*t insane, somehow using puppets to convince children to get the COVID-19 vaccine.  The tweet, referring to Big Bird receiving the vaccine, came after a CNN “Townhall for Families,” with CNN anchors like Dr. Sanjay Gupta, fresh off of his embarrassingly disastrous appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast.  This joke of a “townhall” amounted to nothing more than propaganda.  I was waiting for Cheburashka (Soviet Mickey Mouse) and Farfour (Hamas’ Mickey Mouse) to join in song to entertain us with stories of fighting the capitalist pigs and planning attacks against Israel.  Senator Cruz jumped in the fray labeling it just that: Propaganda.  Our own Jim Thompson couldn’t resist, scribbling his own representation of Big Bird’s first jump into Soviet communications.

Here’s the subject Tweet:


Read that slowly and carefully.  Who is this tweet aimed at?  The parents of children 5-11?  Who is the parent that sees this tweet and decides that because Big Bird “got the shot” it is now safe for their children?  And even more alarmingly, who sees this tweet and doesn’t immediately think “Gee, this is propaganda”?  Anyone that either of those applies to should lose both their right to parent and their right to vote, because good lord, that’s next-level stupidity.

But let’s just assume it is aimed at children. Does it make it any better?  No!  It is exponentially worse because this is literally attempting to convince a child to submit to a medical procedure, with a children’s character? This isn’t some fib about Santa Claus. This is flat-out attempting to shape a child’s opinion by using literal puppetry.

With both potential audiences identified as either stupid adults or impressionable children, the only thing missing from this puppetry propaganda is the big old government seal of approval.  Almost predictably, Joe Biden doesn’t disappoint:


So here we have a literal puppet of his handlers, talking to another fellow puppet, parroting a statement that he no more believes than does that hand up either of their behinds does:  That the vaccine will stop you from being infected with COVID-19.  As I have covered numerous times in the last week (see here and here), data does not support claims that vaccines slow the spread or lower infection rates in any way. Actually, to claim to a puppet that receiving a fake vaccine will save your imaginary neighborhood probably contains more truth than does the intended message behind it.

Sure, it could be Joe Biden’s handlers tweeting this garbage out, but hey, that’s just further proof of this Puppet Presidency.  Are we allowing our government to use literal puppets (both our President and Big Bird) to forward an agenda of lies and misinformation? Guess so.  And for whatever reason Joe Biden actually approved this tweet, is he condoning this puppetry propaganda pageant?

As generally happens with my pieces, I ask a bunch of questions, none of the answers to which are any good.  Stay tuned for next week when we figure out how the Ninja Turtles feel about climate change.




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