Chinese Officials Threaten 'Retaliation' to Any Country That Forwards COVID Lab-Leak Theory

Chinese Officials Threaten 'Retaliation' to Any Country That Forwards COVID Lab-Leak Theory
Cheng Min/Xinhua via AP

The Chinese government has issued a stern warning to countries that seek to investigate the origins of COVID-19, specifically the potential of a leak from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.  After numerous governments and inter-governmental organizations have found that the potential of a lab leak is becoming increasingly likely, the Chinese government has pushed back, including denying access to these organizations for them to perform a full and complete investigation into the matter.

Just months ago, largely because of the actions of proxies for the CCP, the lab-leak theory of SARS-CoV-2 was considered a conspiracy theory.  BigTech’s “fact-checkers,” often parroting these CCP proxies (like Peter Daszak and friends), would label stories that factually reported on initial infections and genomic similarities to other viruses found in the Wuhan Insitute of Virology, as misinformation.  Those of us who attempted to report on it were labeled xenophobic racists, who were encouraging violence against Asians (remember when #StopAsianHate was a thing?).

It seemed like overnight, suddenly we could talk about it.  Did the facts about the case change?  No.  Was there some new information that justified this shift?  No.  It seemed as if the liberals all met in some Media Vatican Council and absolved all offenders of their sinful violation of speaking the truth.  Despite the now growing evidence of a likely lab leak and Chinese interference in independent investigations into that potential, Chinese officials have pushed back at anything that has amounted to even hinting at a Wuhan Lab release.

Just this last week, the Biden Administration’s requested report from the Intelligence Community, regarding the origins of COVID-19, came back inconclusive.  While many people have talked about what the report didn’t say, I think more needs to be said about what it did say.  The report didn’t rule out its potential as a lab leak or worse in this particular case, which says quite a bit about the option which was previously called “conspiracy.”

From CBS News:

But the highly anticipated conclusion of the inquiry may rekindle, rather than settle, debate about the virus’ origins and whether a research facility in Wuhan, China, bears any responsibility for starting the pandemic. Intelligence officials have for weeks downplayed the likelihood that agencies would arrive at a definitive conclusion, citing the Chinese government’s lack of cooperation and early obfuscation of relevant data. (emphasis added)

The WHO had come to a similar conclusion just months ago, when they made “quiet changes” to their origins report, citing the Chinese government’s lack of cooperation and transparency in addressing the potential of the lab leak theory, with WHO investigators only being allowed to review evidence and information provided by the Chinese government.

In a piece I wrote over two months ago, Chinese officials have outright lied and provided misinformation to the world. In February 2020, the Chinese government had a functional vaccine formula, which they did not share with the international community.  When they were confronted with the facts of certain genomic markers which pointed to a lab origin, again Chinese officials deflected and threatened anyone who questioned their propaganda.

Now, the Chinese are back to issuing threats.

From Bloomberg News:

China threatened retaliation against those questioning whether the coronavirus leaked from its labs, a warning that comes days before the U.S. releases findings from an intelligence investigation into the pandemic’s origins.

“We will continue to cooperate with international organizations like the WHO in their research and in their search for the origins,” said Fu Cong, director-general of the Foreign Ministry’s Arms Control Department. “But we do not accept baseless and unfounded accusations that are politically motivated. And if they want to baselessly accuse China, so they better be prepared to accept the counterattack from China.”

Of course, with the current feckless leader in the White House, our leaders are going to ignore both the seriousness of a threat like this and the implications of what it means.  At this point, it should be a foregone conclusion, because had the virus not originated at the lab, allowing for a complete investigation would provide them with no downside.  However, the subsequent cover-up and refusal to allow international investigators the autonomy to complete a full investigation gives everyone the feeling they are hiding something.  Furthermore, their posturing by threatening everyone who may question this, shows they aren’t just covering it up but they are willing to go to war over it.

I say, call their bluff.

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