So, Are We Allowed to Talk About It Now?

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On a night late last September, I wrote an article questioning the source of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.  Using scientific studies, witness accounts, and the timeline available to us, I pieced together an article that showed that the virus not only likely came from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, but was likely also bio-engineered.  My work was hardly offensive, as I was simply reporting the facts associated with the science and data behind the virus that had sent the world into lockdown.  After spending a good deal of time writing the piece, I submitted it, awaiting its publishing… which never came.

Certainly, I do not fault management — they were stuck between a rock and a hard place.  Big Tech and the MSM had begun their crackdown on Conservative media, destroying our opportunity to correctly inform our readers regarding the truth.  Despite using sources that the media would deem reliable, we were told repeatedly that certain subjects were just “off-limits.”  Our traffic on certain topics got spiked by Big Tech, which drove us crazy, due to the importance of the subject matter.  I mean, wouldn’t what amounts to an act of biological warfare be important for all of our readers?  Isn’t the Hunter Biden Chinese business dealings the single most important issue Joe Biden should be questioned about?  Remember, this was the same Big Tech and MSM that ran with every single-sourced attack on Trump for more than five years.  Yet, we weren’t “allowed” to.  Our gatekeepers said no.

This leaves me with just one question:

So, Are We Allowed to Talk About It Now?

Are we allowed to talk about the science and data behind the lockdowns and mask mandates?  Are we allowed to talk about the ever-growing cast of shady characters that have their fingerprints all over the funding and support for the Wuhan Institute of Virology?  What about the fact that the son of the President of the United States engaged in business dealings with the “company”  (because in China, everything is state-owned), that bought US Joint-Strike Fighter Tech after having hacked our JSF program five years prior?

Does it matter that these same people allowed every single-source, (see: “anonymous sources”) hit piece on Trump to drop for years, yet now demand a standard of journalism that would have prevented the vast majority of reporting on Trump?  Of course not. What about the several articles from mainstream sources that mocked sites like RedState and our (what has been determined to be accurate) reporting on issues that really matter? While Big Tech and the media sat back and played referee on what the rest of us can publish, they were coordinating their efforts through “fact-checkers” who oftentimes were personally and financially dependent upon a narrative which showed them in a fair light?  Let’s remember that Peter Daszak’s pal was found to be writing lab-leak debunking “fact-check” articles for Facebook.

While Jennifer Van Laar and I were spending hundreds of hours researching records and reports on Hunter Biden’s business dealings in China, the MSM was doing drive-by hit pieces on our reporting suggesting we were simply conspiracy theorists.  Never mind that our articles were sourced with government financial and Secret Service travel records — the MSM spent seven minutes on Google and hid behind the credibility of their organizations to commit the highest acts of hackery.

As the lab-leak theory begins to gain steam, many of us are asking the question, “why now?”  Why can we suddenly begin to ask these questions which we have been attempting to ask for so long?  Can we now ask questions like: “What qualifications does Hunter Biden have for doing business in the Ukraine and China, aside from the connections to his father?”  Or how about, “Why did China delete online repositories of viral information in the wake of the initial outbreak?”

I guess in a way, I should be grateful to Big Tech and the MSM.  If anything, I am a better journalist because of the hoops we were required to jump through.  Not only do our pieces here at RedState have to be thoroughly sourced, but those sources have to carry weight and credibility with them.  It wasn’t that I wasn’t a good journalist before;  I took pride in my writing and reporting.  Now I just have to make sure that every single part of my story links to an irrefutable source, which brings a higher quality of writing to you, the reader.  Certainly, the rest of the MSM gets a pass, but at least when it comes to the reporting you get here, you can know that we aren’t just writing to inform, but also to satisfy our media overlords.

Our job is a simple one:  Obtain verified information and then, once we have done our due diligence to assure we are correct, pass that information on to you. Let’s hope that this is the beginning of some change that allows us to do our job.


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