I Am Getting Tired of Being Right All the Time

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As regular RedState readers are very well aware, we’ve worked diligently over the last 18 months or so to bring forward accurate and complete information about the Wuhan coronavirus, about election integrity, about Hunter Biden, and about corruption in our government – and as a result, we’ve faced consequences from BigTech when their compromised “fact-checkers” (a/k/a propagandists) felt we were getting a little too close to the truth. When that happens, our traffic is throttled, revenue is reduced, and our reputation suffers since they’ve branded us as “unreliable.”


Since a great deal of our traffic comes from social media links, we’re forced to anticipate what topics might entice the fact-checkers to call in the flying monkeys and the ban-hammer and be prepared to battle with uninterested half-wits over the fate of the “offensive” piece. At RedState VIP we have the freedom to delve into those topics without fear of incurring the wrath of Fasc-book, but that reduces the reach of this critical information and, more importantly, we shouldn’t be expected to put articles including accurate scientific information or honest discussion of theories behind a paywall. (Reminder: Every VIP subscription increases our ability to ignore Big Tech altogether; subscribe with code HOUNSELL for a discount.)

In the last several months I have written extensively and freely here at RedState about COVID-19 science, including reports on the viability of the lab-leak theory, only because it is now deemed acceptable by BigTech. Prior to May such posts would almost certainly have been slapped with a Facebook fact-check even though no credible information (only the word of the Chinese Government and financially interested researchers), existed then or exists now definitively proving that the virus came from anywhere outside the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

I guess we’re supposed to be grateful for that.

But, we weren’t wrong when we published our stories last year. We published stories about a theory that is now viewed by our own government as at least as plausible as zoonotic transfer – and that was viewed by at least a few prominent virologists at the time as worth looking into. We were right, yet to this day Facebook operates its hive of misinformation, policed by “fact-checkers,” with impunity. Their stated goal of preventing the spread of misinformation was compounded by their blocking of and subsequent removal of factual information and reporting. Why, you may ask? Well, it might have something to do with the fact that the very people who may be responsible for perpetrating the development of this virus were included in refuting the potential that they were responsible. Remember Peter Daszak?  The President of EcoHealth Alliance which funneled cash and research information to the Wuhan Insitute of Virology?  The man who sat on the WHO team charged with investigating the virus’s origins? He was a Facebook fact-checker.


While most people would be happy with being right all the time, I’m not. In fact, I am getting tired of it.

“But, Scott! Aren’t you glad you have been vindicated?”

I just happened to have written on this on July 15th:

While it is certainly vindicating to see that the story may finally be told, it is frustrating that only certain approved members of the media class are allowed to be the ones to tell it. Our reporting on this information has been clear and factual from day one.  We have sourced our information to a fault, and now the media is chasing our reporting, acting like this is brand-new, breaking information.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, RedState’s exclusive reporting has covered the topics regarding the Wuhan Lab, Dr. Shi Zhengli, and Fauci’s flat-out false statements he made during a Senate hearing. Suddenly, after Sen. Rand Paul mopped the floor with Anthony Fauci during a Senate hearing in May, leading to a renewed examination of the lab leak theory, we were able to talk about it.

Yet despite being suddenly allowed to write about it without being dinged, we were still labeled as conspiracy theorists and extremists.  Turns out, we were right about our reporting on the potential of a lab-leak theory.  We were right about our reporting on the NIH funding of the Wuhan Lab.  We were right about Peter Daszak’s liturgy of conflicts of interest.  We were right to question Dr. Shi Zhengli’s ability to be truthful about the origins of the virus. We were right to question the lack of science behind the zoonotic spillover theory.   Again, great, but to what end?


Most recently, our reporting questioning the completeness and veracity of the WHO report on the origins of the virus was proven again to be true. Was RedState sourced in any of the MSM articles claiming some shade of “journalism” in breathlessly reporting what we already knew to be true? Was our information showing that the WHO team was shepherded around and given access to only that which the CCP had approved, wrong?  No, it wasn’t. Was WaPo’s recent report new information that had been previously unreported? No, but that didn’t stop them from reporting it like it was. As Bonchie stated in his piece Thursday:

It appears to now be certain that the Chinese have been wielding undue influence over the WHO in an attempt to skirt responsibility for starting the COVID-19 pandemic. Their extreme defensiveness about the lab leak theory, including their attempts at a cover-up, should only earn them more suspicions. There’s far too much evidence pointing to the Wuhan Institute of Virology as being the most probable place of origin.

On Friday it was announced that China stated they were no longer cooperating with the WHO in any COVID origins investigation. To accept that would be to suggest they were cooperative at some point. We know that to be wildly inaccurate.

From Bonchie’s piece today:

Honestly, nothing is being lost here. China is a totalitarian, dumpster fire state run by rabid, genocidal maniacs, including “President” Xi Jinping. They were never going to actually cooperate with any real investigation. Instead, their motivation for being involved was to use their influence to help cover up what the evidence says they did.


At this point, there’s essentially no evidence the virus started in nature and there’s mounting circumstantial evidence that it came from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Here we’ve been reporting this information for months while WaPo concurrently published misinformation, yet people still treat them with reverence and refer to RedState as just some “conservative blog.”

Does this mean that we are finally going to be seen as credible?

Of course not. Single-sourced and anonymously-sourced articles are printed all the time by the lying losers in the MSM, but the fact-checkers are quiet on that. As great as it is being right all the time, it certainly is frustrating that there is not the accompanying respect that should come with the record that my reporting, along with that of my RedState colleagues, has. I am tired of being right and still having some biased and incompetent shill at a random “fact-checking” agency being able to, absent any evidence or data, unilaterally decide that what we are saying isn’t true, thus disqualifying us from participating in the public debate about whatever topic we are choosing to cover.

I’m tired of being right and simultaneously being excluded from discussing a subject matter. I’d rather not be right at all.  At least then I could justify their stupidity.



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