CBS Show Goes on Hiatus Because *GASP* People Disagree

As if everything in the world had not become completely stupid already, Oprah’s interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle seems to have kicked everything into a beeline to stupidity. Remember that nothing says oppression like three millionaires sitting around at a California estate, discussing issues like *gasp* having to curtsey for the Queen and nebulous accusations of some Voldemort-style character in the Royal Family asking whether or not Harry and Meghan’s children will be muggles.


Last week, Piers Morgan came unglued questioning the veracity of Markle’s claims, absent a direct and named person to which they could link the accusation. As a result, Morgan walked away from “Good Morning Britain,” in what was likely a forced resignation.

It appears that questioning the ambiguous story of a woman who acts like she had no idea that the Royals were a bunch of puffy douchebags is somehow now a sin. Never mind the documented history of Diana, Harry’s mother, which led to her tragic death in 1997. Never mind the salacious headlines we have seen in the grocery checkout for the last 100 years. Never mind the much-publicized drama of William and Kate’s own nuptials.  Never mind Markle’s own, 30+ million dollar wedding, the bill for which was footed by the very people she is now dropping bombs on.

Somehow Meghan, who had been pursuing Harry for years, was unaware of all that. She now is asserting that the fact that they left the family, a choice that they made, is somehow racially biased because they have now cut them off. Additionally, Markle made comments that she felt suicidal during the ordeal, and was somehow prevented from seeking mental health treatment. Last I checked, Markle could have, at any point, left and sought her own treatment, for any reason, at any time (unless Harry was preventing her from seeking treatment). Short of being physically restrained or prevented from leaving, the accusation of which was not made, her claims fall flat. She’s mad that someone didn’t provide her with the help.


With Piers Morgan’s disappearance from TV, you’d understand that criticizing the weak narrative of this complete sh*t-show was considered fireable material. Now, it appears that defending Piers Morgan is also a potentially fireable offense.

From NBC News:

“The Talk” is going on a brief hiatus after Sharon Osbourne last week lashed out at critics and defended embattled British TV personality Piers Morgan, who is under fire for his attacks on Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex.

A CBS spokesperson told NBC News in an email that the panel show was taking a break this week as the network conducts an internal review of the heated exchange between co-host Sheryl Underwood and the wife of rocker Ozzy Osbourne.

On Wednesday, Osbourne said she shouldn’t be criticized for standing by her friend Morgan, who stormed off the set of ITV’s “Good Morning Britain” and left the show.

Morgan, a longtime critic of Meghan and her husband Prince Harry, rejected the American actress’ revelations during the couple’s interview with Oprah Winfrey that she experienced suicidal thoughts.

“I feel even like I’m about to be put in the electric chair because I have a friend who many people think is a racist so that makes me a racist,” Osbourne said on “The Talk.”

Underwood, who is Black, gently pushed back on Osbourne and even prefaced a question of her British colleague with a compliment: “I’ve never seen anything come out of you other than, ‘If I don’t know, I’m willing to learn. If I come off a certain way, I stand corrected.'”


Did you catch that?  Osbourne is literally being threatened with termination because she happens to be friends with a guy who raised legitimate concerns with the claims made by a woman who signed up for the drama in which she is currently embroiled. It isn’t like Osbourne even claimed to agree with Morgan, which, in itself, wouldn’t be a sin. She simply is saying she’s friends with the guy!  Here is the offending exchange:

Again, Osbourne not only didn’t make any racist comments, neither did Morgan; but simply questioning the story of Markle is now considered racist.  Not only is such an assertion laughable on its face, but it also lacks the intellectual honesty that is required for dialogue. These two hosts simply disagreed, but because one is black, the other had to have been racially motivated in her comments. Again, everything continues to dive into the never-ending well of stupidity.

Morgan took to Twitter to thank his friend for being true to their friendship and herself:


What do you think the next thing to be canceled is?

One thing I know for sure — it won’t be Andrew Cuomo.


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