Joe Biden Throws Andrew Cuomo a Huge Lifeline, Possibly Rescuing the Embattled Governor

Yesterday, Joe Biden finally took a question from the press. The president walked over to reporters and gave a one-line answer to an inquiry about whether embattled New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo should resign or not.


His answer offered a lifeline to Cuomo, who has been accused by at least six women of sexual harassment, while another woman has accused him of sexual assault.

There are a few things that stick out to me about this exchange.

First, excluding the substance, this exchange is what Jen Psaki is bragging about when she claims that Biden has done more than 40 “Q and A’s” since taking office. Biden hasn’t done a press conference since taking office, by far the longest streak in the last two centuries. It’s absolutely pathetic that these quick, five-second interactions are being considered taking questions, but it shows how far the president has fallen mentally.

Regardless, Biden’s answer is exactly what Cuomo wanted to hear because no investigation is going to “bring” us anything. It’s not like there will be hidden camera evidence or a transcript floating around of the governor mistreating women. What Biden did here is provide Cuomo a way out of his massive scandal. Cuomo can now claim that even the President of the United States endorsed waiting for an investigation to complete. When that investigation only finds circumstantial, he-said-she-said evidence, Cuomo will stay in office and claim vindication.


This is the kind of thing that if Donald Trump had done it regarding a Republican under pressure to resign, the media would have gone absolutely wild calling him a sympathizer toward sexual abuse. Biden, barely sentient as he is, gets around-the-clock protection for his missteps from our valiant liberal media complex so saving Cuomo just gets shrugged off.

Of course, none of this should even matter. While the accusations against Cuomo regarding women are bad enough to force his ouster, his handling of nursing homes during COVID and the subsequent cover-up are an even larger issue. Democrats are purposely not focusing on that aspect because it would require an admission of failure. It would also put a lot of other Democrats, such as Gretchen Whitmer, in the same hot seat.

If Cuomo doesn’t end up resigning, Joe Biden will have had the biggest hand in rescuing him. His answer to wait for an investigation to complete is exactly what Cuomo himself has been parroting. Hopefully, Biden got a nice thank you card out of the ordeal.



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