The Party of No; Dems Threaten to Shutdown Government over Trump Budget

Remember the government shutdown threats of 2012?  Remember all the vitriol directed at the Republican Party for attempting to block certain spending requirements of Obama’s budgets?  The Republican Party got labeled by Democrats and the media as “The Party of No.”  Apparently, Republicans were saying no to everything, simply to obstruct the Obama agenda.


Here we are in 2017 and now obstructionism is cool!  It is hip!  #Resist, Right?  Democrats have gladly taken up the mantle of No, because it serves their agenda.  Oppose Trump for the sake of Opposing Trump.  Democrats announced they would even be willing to shut down the government in order to oppose Trump.

Congressional Democrats signaled Monday that they’re ready to block spending bills over President Trump’s planned border wall, raising the risks of a new government shutdown early in the new administration.

Adding more immigration agents to Homeland Security’s deportation agency, making Planned Parenthood ineligible for federal cash and changing former President Barack Obama’s policies on the environment, labor, veterans or consumer protections would also invite a shutdown, Senate Democrats said in a letter to GOP leaders.

Democrats are confident Republicans would shoulder the blame for a shutdown — though it’s a bigger risk for the minority party this year, when they have little control over the process other than the power of a filibuster in the Senate.


Democrats, who literally don’t control a single portion of government, are thinking that they are going to obstruct Trump and come out on top?  Are these people insane?


What gives them any indication that the average American agrees with them?  They’ve lost seats in the House and Senate (and over 1000 different seats across this country).  They have lost the Presidency to one of the most divisive candidates to ever run for office.  They will soon have a Supreme Court that will have a right-leaning mind-set.  What exactly do they think they are winning?

Do they think the American people who have rejected their ideology at every turn, are going to reward them for objecting the very thing that they want?

I say bring it, and 2018 will give conservatives even more seats to roll forward with their agenda.


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