If You Work For the IRS and Want to Commit A Felony, This NY Times Columnist Wants To Talk To You

Do you work for the IRS?  Are you tired of your hard work of stealing from Americans?  Is threatening average people with prosecution unless they give you money just too much?  Do you want to stick your feet up and get 3 hots and cot for the foreseeable future?


Then look no farther than Twitter!  Nicholas Kristof wants to help you fulfill your dreams of imprisonment!

Kristof tweeted perhaps the dumbest thing I’ve seen in a long time when noting that the IRS has been, for the most part, leak free:

Of course, this would be a scandal in itself, if he weren’t working for a publication that announced in September that they would publish leaked returns had they been provided them.

It just goes to show how desperate the left is.  The fact is, they should be more honest about what they are willing to do.  They aren’t willing to risk jail to publish Trump’s tax returns.  They are willing to risk jail to defame Trump.  If returns were leaked, they wouldn’t risk jail to publish them if there weren’t something negative to justify it.  That doesn’t make it journalism.  It makes it institutionalized defamation.  Don’t pretend that their virtue signalling is some commitment to their craft as journalists.  We both know that if everything was on the up and up with Trump’s returns, no one is risking jail to publish them.  Journalism is reporting facts.  Not just facts they want us to hear.  When you publish or embellish facts that you want us to hear claiming it is complete truth when it isn’t, that makes you a propagandist, not a journalist.



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